From left, Sister Denesha X, founder of the Academy of Cultivation LLC, and the Swan Ball Court, Alyssa Freeman, Atonya Freeman, Ayanna Muhammad, Sunshyne Muhammad and Samia Muhammad. Photos: Courtesy of Denesha X
Sister Denesha X

LAS VEGAS—Sister Denesha X is a Muslim who attends Muhammad Mosque No. 75 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is also the CEO of The Academy of Cultivation LLC. The Academy offers Tea Protocol, Etiquette Training I, High Civilization Etiquette Training II, and other courses on culture and refinement. The Academy was established in 2021.

The courses taught by The Academy of Cultivation LLC are designed for students to be able to be confident in all environments and for them to understand that etiquette can open up doors to success.

Members of the Swan Ball Court are seen during recent Cultivations Inaugural Co-Tea-llion.

Sister Denesha has included aspects of the Seven Units of the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class (M.G.T. and G.C.C.) taught to the women and girls of the Nation of Islam. She is looking forward to continuing to educate and assist in the refinement of Black women and girls in communities.

Display at Cultivations Inaugural Co-Tea-llion October 10, 2023

Housed under the academy, is its mentor group, “Sixteen Candles.” Participants are exposed to various cultivating activities including waltz dancing, table setting, tea protocol, etiquette, Nation-Building projects, and much more. A group of young women recently completed their courses, so on September 17, at the Seven Hills Conference Center, the ladies of the “Sixteen Candles” participated in The Academy of Cultivations Inaugural Co-Tea-llion.


Participants displayed what the young ladies have been taught throughout the year. The program began with the establishment of tea protocol and the presentation of the “Swan Ball Court.”

The “Co-Tea-llion was a magnificent steppingstone for young, underrepresented girls to gain exposure to high class and culture.

“I’m looking for big things as the program continues to grow and inspire our next generation,” said Sister Ayesha Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 57, whose daughter, Sister Ayanna Muhammad, was crowned “Miss Sixteen.”

Sisters Alyssa and Atonya Freeman also participated. “I am so happy that my daughters participated in the Sixteen Candles Mentor Group, and I’m impressed by such a classy event, held by the Academy of Cultivation,” said their mother, Zenia Freeman.

—Submitted by Sis. Denesha X