When Twitter shut down the Nation of Islam’s official account on July 19, people who frequented the page of truth and inspiration reacted by calling out the tech company for hypocrisy and violation of freedom of speech.

It is not just Black people who are tired of the censorship, stated Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, who manages the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s social media accounts.

“Why can‘t you allow somebody to have an opposing view of what you‘re presenting to them? Why can‘t people intelligently disagree? See, you‘re stripping up the Constitution of the United States of America and what it‘s supposed to be about,” stated Mr. Muhammad.

“We‘re still not taking the jab,” tweeted still.onemic.


“Elijah/Do 4 self /Reparations” on Twitter commented regarding the suspension: “Because Gods work is getting done I have been listening too u brothers on you tube and social media and learning a lot I stop for about 3 weeks now no pipe tobacco no cigars no drinking whiskey and no beer thanks to y‘all post listen to The Honorable Minister Farrakhan messages.”

“Wow!!!!!! Oh @Twitter why are you acting like suspected racists? You let a lot of suspected racists stay on but block this positive group of people?? Wow,” tweeted Melanated Male MD.

“Twitter didn’t make and sure can’t break the NOI,” posted Demetra Kaye.

No. Ms. Kaye, it can’t. But Twitter has broken its own policies in being very unjust to Minister Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and any strong Black voices spreading truth, argued Mr. Muhammad.

“They don’t have the heart to do right, to be fair and to be just, and I believe that they never suffer the consequences for it,” said Mr. Muhammad.

He reflected on the lawsuit former President Donald Trump filed on July 7 against Twitter, Facebook, and Google over censorship. Even if nothing comes out of the lawsuit, it has raised awareness and now foreign countries are starting to block the tech giants because they are tired of the censorship as well, stated Mr. Muhammad.

In January, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party said social media companies that remove posts they deem offensive could face fines, according to Reuters.

“It reminds me where the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated in a radio interview about former President Donald J. Trump, that Allah (God) was using this man, and he was upsetting and tearing down all of the institutions that have been enemies to Black people. Everything from the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA,” said Mr. Muhammad.

“The truth can’t be stopped, regardless of what and how you suspend it! You can’t blow out the light of Allah!” posted @MarcMuhammad3.

“They are so afraid of the truth but it not going to stop me from listening and learning,” posted Sharrin Davis.

Minister Farrakhan has been chosen to fight Satan, and his students must be witness bearers of him, to back him up, urged Mr. Muhammad.

“The more they’re fighting against us, that lets us know that their plans to come after the Messenger of God is speeding up. So I say, let’s increase! Let’s make them come back to all of us. They should desire to want to shut down your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your Google account, your YouTube account, because in just taking you down, that must mean that you’re right in line with the Man of Truth and what is to be done in this hour,” added Mr. Muhammad.