“O Prophet, strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be firm against them. And their abode is hell and evil is the destination.” Holy Qur’an Chapter 9:73.

Please read the words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad written April 30, 1971.

The Messenger is taught by the Holy Qur’an to be hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites. There is no such thing as helping a hypocrite to believe that which he has said that he believed.   In the hypocrites time he said that he believed and then he goes back and says that he disbelieves.


Allah (God) Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever has no need of us. He said to me out of His Own mouth that no one wanted us, but Him, Himself.

He taught us, who are the rejected people of all civilizations. He accepted us, to build a Nation out of us, for Himself. The heavens and the earth were created out of nothing, to show Allah’s (God’s) unlimited source of wisdom. He can take a people, as the Bible and the Holy Qur’an refers to us as, “no people” or “a foolish people” and make us the greatest of all people–the most honored of all people.

Allah (God) is Self-independent and Self-glorified and Self-honored as the Holy Qur’an teaches us that if all of us were to worship and glorify Him at one time, it would not add to His glory and honor.   And if we were against Him it would not take away any of His wisdom or power to destroy us. It does not matter to Him whether we are for or against Him. He does not need help to prevail against us, for He has all of that help of Himself. But, He came to give us help.

The hypocrite is a great deceiver of himself. In trying to deceive others, he deceives himself.   Today, at this writing, many of my followers are going back, showing what they really were in the beginning–hypocrites. So, now. Allah (God) is making them manifest, before the rising of true-believers and true followers. “Clearing the deck” (as the saying goes) for others who are better than the first ones.

Oh, how foolish the hypocrites are.   I have hypocrites in my own family. And, perhaps you have them in your family–turning away. The hypocrites are happy-looking in their imposed darkened mind against the truth and their own salvation, and against those who believe in the truth and in the God of Truth.   They think that they have an advantage.   They are foolish.   Something very evil awaits them. A day awaits them when they will be thrown upon their faces in prostration at the very feet of the God and His Apostle.

Some hypocrites think that they have more to gain by turning back, than they have in going forward, in following the Messenger in belief in Allah (God) and His religion, Islam. The Bible refers to the hypocrites as being ‘spots at the feast.’   The Holy Qur’an teaches us that they are like ‘clouds without rain.’   They associate with you, the believer Muslims, but they do not have Islam in their hearts.   Allah (God) is making them manifest and it is glorious and just that He is doing so.   The hypocrites fall away fast … . They fall away overnight.   The hypocrites come from within and they come from without.   They surprise their family and they surprise their friends and the believers.

Woe to the hypocrites!   Allah (God) says in His Holy Qur’an Ch. 2: that when we turn back He appoints a devil for us as a companion. This is to show that He is Self-independent and that He does not have need for us, unless, we accept Him after He offers to us His services to help us.   The devil will lead the hypocrite and conduct him to the burning fire that was made for the devil.

The hypocrite is not only hated by Allah (God) but he is hated by all believers.   No Muslim loves one who turns back from among them.   All of the love that they once had for the person leaves at once. Again, the hypocrite is so evil minded that he is not satisfied in leaving, alone. He wants to take someone with him, so he lays around the Muslims and spreads his poison disbelief in the Messenger and his message and disbelief in Almighty God Allah–salvation for the whole Black Nation in America.   They do this so that it will look as though the Messenger is the one who is not right and therefore the hypocrite should not follow him.

Remember that the Messenger was defended, forgiven and made the right-hand instrument of weapons against the enemies of Allah (God), and he was made the right-hand of salvation for those who come to Allah (God) in sincere belief. Allah (God) takes away that light of understanding that He had given to the hypocrite. And worse, they have no light at all. As the Holy Qur’an Ch. 64:2, teaches us: It is He Who has created you; and of you are some that are unbelievers, and some that are believers. This is what Yusuf Ali, says in his translation of Ch. 64:2 of the Holy Qur’an.

Maulana Muhammad Ali translates the same chapter and verse in these words: “He it is Who created you, but one of you is a disbeliever and one of you is a believer. And Allah is Seer of what you do.” This is very truthful, as we the believers are now experiencing; one is a believer and another is a disbeliever.   Hypocrites come up in our homes and in our families, as the Bible says, ‘one will be taken and one will be left.’   So the Holy Qur’an verifies that truth of the Bible.

The hypocrite is so poisonous to the believers that he seeks all that he can from the believers.   Then, he leaves the presence of the believers and goes to the enemy. Well, to make a long story short (if I may use this slang here) one hypocrite among the Muslims is worse than one hundred disbelievers, who have never sought to come among the believers. The Bible teaches us that even the prophets lost their wives in the judgment of the people of Noah and the people of Lot. When the showdown came, they found that their wives were hypocrites.

In the day of resurrection Allah (God) makes manifest whatever is in us whether it is good, or bad.   Then, the Holy Qur’an teaches us that He will forgive whom He pleases and chastise whom He pleases. Allah (God) does not desire to destroy the Black man but He desires to make the Black man bow his knee to Him.   As the Holy Qur’an teaches us in Ch: 45:23: And thou wilt see every nation kneeling down. Every nation will be called to its record. And the record that He has kept for, and against us. We are told that all nations will submit to Allah (God) and the Bible, Rom. 14:11 also says that ‘every knee will bow and every tongue will confess’ that He is God and beside Him there is no God.   The Chapter of the Holy Qur’an that I am referring to is entitled, “THE KNEELING.”

More next issue, Allah willing.