[Editor’s Note: The following contains an edited excerpt from “Revealing the Conspiracy: Youth, Gangs, Violence and Drugs, June 25, 1989, which originally appeared in the Final Call Vol. 8, No. 12.]

In the times of Moses, Pharaoh saw the Children of Israel multiplying. So he said, “Come, let us deal wisely with them lest they multiply, join on to an enemy of ours and come against us.”

What did Pharaoh mean, “let us deal wisely with them?” Let us plan and carry out a masterful maneuver, scheme. What is the basis of the scheme? Kill the boy babies, spare the female. Is that the Bible? How many of you have read it? Then ask yourself, what is it there for?

Pharaoh killed the male children of the Children of Israel. Is there an assault on Black youth? Is there an assault on Black babies? Why is our infant mortality rate so high?


In the city of Washington, our babies die in their first year more often than in Cuba, than in some countries in Africa that are considered backward.

They are giving our sisters pills. You don’t know the chemical nature of the pill. They are telling you, that when you get pregnant you have to have a Cesarean, frightening you because they are going to have to cut you up.

They will tell you your uterus is too small, so we have to operate. Then they cut you and charge you $10,000 to have a baby, giving you enough pain to frighten you away from ever having any more.

Then they suggest to you that you should have your tubes tied. Sometimes you go for an operation and when you are finished you find out they have taken out all of your reproductive organs. This is done so that you will not bring any more Black babies on the Earth, Brother and Sister.

But if you happen to escape the death plan at birth, then they have another plan for you almost the moment you come on the Earth. The leaders are not going to say this.

They know it, but they are too cowardly to stand against the wickedness of the government for the Salvation of our People? You may not like Farrakhan, but you will never be able to say that I hid the Truth and allowed you to go to your death not knowing.

Now when what I am about to tell you actually comes down, God will bring back to your remembrance what I have told you this day if you fail to act upon it before you are killed.

Herod had the same plan. Kill all the boy children. This is not just talking about little babies. It is talking about these young men ages 7 through 16. The plan is against you! Who is filling up the jails? Every jail in America is filled with who? Black men. Black young men. Hispanic young men.

You already opted out of education. Very few of you are going on to college. You don’t think education has much value. There is a reason for that. The young girls are going to college, getting an education, while your young male counterpart is standing on the corner, selling drugs, getting involved in criminal activity and being swept off the street into jail or into the Army.

They are telling you that you can “be all” that you can never be in the society, if you just join the Army, not because you are patriotic, but because you need a job, you need some money to take care of the babies that you are making. So they put you in the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Army, the Coast Guard. You are filling up the National Guard.

I want you to see that time has brought us, Beloved, to the point where the enemy has decided to destroy our youth. And what we saw in China [referring to the 1989 Tianamen Square Massacre, 1989 during a student led protest by the government] is mercy, because what you saw in China is to prepare you for what you soon are going to see in the streets of America.

Did you notice that [then] President Bush did not speak out forcibly against what went on in China?

Ask yourself, why didn’t the President speak out against it? The members of Congress had to nudge him to speak against what went on in China. Even though they were killing young leaders, 27 of them murdered already, shot in the back of their heads, President Bush had not spoken yet.

Do you know why? It is not because he was former Ambassador to China. It is because he knows what they have planned against you. And if he comes down hard on Deng Xiaping, he cannot justify what they are planning to do against you.

What you may not know, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, is that there is a remedy. Allah does not show us what the enemy is planning without giving us a way to overcome his plans. The fact that what is about to happen has not happened yet and someone among you sounds the alarm is God’s Mercy to you.