Tampa, Fla.

Muslims observed and celebrated the conclusion of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, service and spiritual renewal. Eid-ul’Fitr (Id-al’Fitr) or “Festival of Renewal” or “Holiday/Festival of Breaking the Fast” celebrations and community events took place in various Muslim communities.

Communities participated in communal prayers, food, games, exchanged gifts, and continued distributing food to people in need in various cities around the country.

On behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Muslims in the Nation of Islam continued demonstrating acts of kindness by preparing healthy, delicious meals and delivering them to those less fortunate. 

Nation of Islam Student National Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad explained the meaning of Eid-ul-‘Fitr in an article, “Accept Your Own ‘Id Al-Fitr—The Festival of the Renewal of the Original Self—or Breaking of the Fast,” (see The Final Call Vol. 43 No. 29).


He wrote, “Muslims throughout the world celebrate this joyous occasion over a minimum of three days through the exchange of gifts, engagement in festive activities, and service to the neediest in society.

It is a rejuvenation of the faith and the practice of our religion that creates a stronger bond between the Muslim, his Lord and the believing family.”—The Final Call Photos: Haroon Rajaee, Abdul K. Muhammad, Facebook