By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

CHICAGO–Mosque Maryam was filled to capacity with Muslims and guests eager to hear from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, fresh off his trip from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The 30-degree chill surrounding the property belied the heat Min. Farrakhan generated inside as he once again called his enemies out to a showdown.

He set the record straight about vicious lies leveled by the Zionist Jews and their controlled mainstream media regarding his message to students in Tehran.

But before the Minister entered the sanctuary, student youth ministers Daniel X and Tairah Muhammad, ignited the atmosphere as they welcomed guests and those who viewed the program via live webcast around the world.   There was also an overflow audience in the Muhammad University of Islam gymnasium. Student Min. Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad of Houston’s Mosque No. 45, Student Min. Nuri Muhammad of Mosque No. 74 in Indianapolis and Student Min. Ishmael Muhammad of Mosque Maryam also delivered fiery remarks, in defense of a divine man that has impacted their lives for the better.


“The wicked of this world just can’t understand how after decades of media assault campaigns, after decades of endless lies and false accusations against him, and after several attempts to literally take the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s life, that he will be standing before us in just a short moment, ready to give us divine wisdom, divine inspiration, and he is here with us this morning,” stated Daniel X, who facilitated the highly charged program.

Tairah Muhammad used scripture to show the divinity of Min. Farrakhan as a continuation of Nation of Islam Founder Master Fard Muhammad raising the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as an answer to the prayers of suffering Blacks.

“As a student and as a follower and believer living in this time, there’s no way I can sit on the sidelines while they spew hate and lies about the man that has helped save my life,” she declared. “Will you and I stand up in this hour, or will we be like Peter and deny the master?   Will we be like Judas and turn on the master?   Will we be like the disciples and run away from the master, or will we be like the faithful women that were around Jesus and that disciple John?   Will we stand with Farrakhan in this hour?” questioned Student Minister Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad, of Mosque No. 45 in Houston, as the program continued.

Student Minister Nuri Muhammad of Indianapolis further encouraged testimonies in defense of Minister Farrakhan.   “Everyone of us has or should have in our possession at all times an invisible, inflatable rostrum that we carry with us. That means that every time somebody says something slick about the Minister, that rostrum should automatically inflate and you should begin defending the man that met you when you were blind, and met you when you were deaf, and met you when you were dumb and taught us how to see, hear and speak,” he said.

Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, National Assistant to Minister Farrakhan, asked rhetorically, if God seized those yesterday who rejected his prophets, how much more terrible will his wrath be on a wicked nation that purposes to destroy the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

“What you heard today, this is our response to the enemy. An attack on Louis Farrakhan is not only an attack on the Nation of Islam, it is an attack on Black people in America and Black people all around the world,”   said Ishmael Muhammad as he introduced Minister Farrakhan.

Casseiopia Uhuru, co-owner and co-founder of The Black Mall, sprang to her feet at those words. She later told The Final Call Minister Farrakhan’s message is always powerful and divine.  

“There was a point when I wanted to cry, when he talked about his message and the connection in Iran and speaking the truth and where the original man comes from and that we were everywhere and gave birth to everything, so getting back to that is so important and knowing your power is going to be our own deliverance,” Ms. Uhuru stated.

“It was absolutely awesome,” said longtime community activist Doris Lewis. “The Minister is the only one who really tells the truth, and the more he is attacked, the more he elevates us, the more he exposes them for who they are, and I just love it.   You’re not going to get this kind of truth from any place else, other than with the Nation of Islam coming out of the mouth of Minister Farrakhan,” she said.

She said she automatically knew the mainstream media was lying about the Minister’s Iran trip because she’s known him for 35 years and media always try to put him in a negative light.

Lamar McDonald came to hear Minister Farrakhan for his first time from Zion, Illinois with his mother, Carolyn Tennort.

“It was really inspiring for me to actually hear words of encouragement for our Black community,” he said.   “What stood out the most is just so much unity in this building and so much love is spread around this place, and that’s what is great, the positiveness and the community that we need all around,” he added.

Bishop Tony R. Caldwell of Eternal Life Church and Family Life Center in Kansas City, Missouri, said what brought him out as usual was Min. Farrakhan’s word for his people, but also how the enemy came up against him.  

“Something like this, we have to support him 100 percent.   A man that’s talking unity and peace is one that goes on both sides or should I say is interdenominational,” Bishop Caldwell told The Final Call.   “We have to support that, more than anything else, because if not, if they’re able to shoot at him and get him, then who of us they won’t come after, so we must stand in solidarity,” he said.  

“It was wonderful, and I felt like I was fed, and I’m super full,” exclaimed Christina Searles.   She attended with her cousin Kathleen Muhammad and other relatives who are members of the Nation of Islam.

“It’s just the realness.   It’s very raw. It’s not what I’m used to,” she stated.   “Usually when you go to churches, things are very watered down and shaded in a sense, but he just keeps it real,” Ms. Searles stated.   She was inspired to realize what she brings to the table as a Black female in society, to know her worth and be more confident, the young woman shared.

Gregory Horn and his fiancé Sandra Coffey drove four hours from Ohio to see Min. Farrakhan speak.   They enjoyed when Minister Farrakhan mentioned his desire for legendary promoter Don King to promote the showdown he’s calling for with his enemies.

“I always enjoy everything.   It’s just the feeling you get when Minister Farrakhan speaks.   Hearing about his trip to Iran was really interesting,” said Ms. Coffey.  

“The most emotional I got was before he came out and he said on the tape that ‘America is mine,’ and all of the blood that we have shed that’s when I started to cry, because if you think about everything our people suffer from in this country, for someone to say the Minister can’t come back here, it’s disrespectful to our ancestors and everyone, said visitor Monique Young.

Fifteen-year-old Khaliday Muhammad stated, “I liked when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan talked about how they tried to say he led a chant which he didn’t because of the fact they want to put stuff on his name, so people can start to disbelieve him.”

She added, “But if you know the truth then you will believe the truth, and if your faith is strong enough to know that you love and know Min. Farrakhan, he would never do nothing like that. You know his character and know he would never do anything like that. That’s what everyone has been ranting about on all of social media.”

Angela Kenyatta, who’s listened to Minister Farrakhan for decades now, saw an invite to the meeting on his Instagram page.   “It was very powerful.   He’s such light.   He brings such light,” she stated.   “I always come to listen, because he helps me to understand, not only the context of my own life better, but the context of the lives of Black people, so that’s always very uplifting, very inspiring,” Ms. Kenyatta stated.

She was curious about his trip to Iran, why he went, and what that meant for him.   “I heard some of the drama, some of the noise around it, but didn’t give it too much energy, because every leader that we have produced when you look historically has been subject to the same type of unjust scrutiny, particularly publicly, so that that happens is not surprising,” she said.

“I knew that I would get a much more clear and accurate understanding of what happened by coming and listening to him directly,” Ms. Kenyatta told The Final Call.

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad is an author and scholar. He stated how happy he was to see Min. Farrakhan walk through the double gates after his trip to Iran. “When he gave us our marching orders for the showdown, it’s time for us to go full throttle in the effort to free our Minister from prison these enemies have put him in; the public prison of anti-Semite, hater, misogynist, and homophobe. This is a prison because it hinders his ability to do all that he desires to do on behalf of the people of God,” said Student Min. Wesley.

“He has been serving a 30-year term in these prisons of these false labels. He put the batter in our back to go full steam ahead frontally challenging those who have unjustly imprisoned him. It’s going to be a showdown.” (Katrina Muhammad contributed to this report.)