WASHINGTON, D.C. (FinalCall.com) – Looking for a positive, educational gift for the young children in your life? Then consider these two new CDs Let’s Build a Nation and Cantamos (Let’s Sing).

“I wanted our children to have positive songs that they could listen to that would affirm their culture as members of the Nation of Islam,” said producer and busy mom of three Jennifer Muhammad.

“I wanted to create something that I could pop in my CD player while we were driving and they could sing to. I didn’t want them singing negative songs and couldn’t find what I wanted in the stores so I made it.”


Let’s Build a Nation features songs like Qur’anic Rap where listeners can learn the names of the 114 Surahs in the Holy Qur’an and another song called Black Genius teaches the value of science, math and engineering.

Sure to be a favorite of children and parents is I Represent the Jr. FOI.

“I represent the Jr. FOI…I’ll be a husband and a family man. I’ll be responsible and reliable and do the best that I can. One day I’ll go to Chicago and meet Minister Farrakhan face to face so that the God, Master Fard and Elijah will be proud of me and all can see what the Nation trains Black boys to be.”

While the words are positive and engaging, it’s the beats that will have your children singing and dancing. They are the creation of Idris Muhammad, a freshman Music Industry major at South Carolina State University.

“I really enjoyed doing this. Sis. Jennifer was good to work with. She told me what kind of beats she was looking for. I had an open mind and let my creativity flow. I just tried different combinations and put things together that I thought would be suitable for childrens’ songs,” said Idris. “This was my first childrens’ music project. I usually write beats for rap songs. It was a great experience. This is what I want to do with my talent and what I’m going to school for. I want to be a music producer.”

The second offering is a Spanish Language CD teaching basic colors, numbers and more.

“I teach Spanish at Muhammad University of Islam and I found that my students grasped the concepts better with the songs so I used that teaching tool to create a product that other parents could use to teach their children Spanish,” said Mrs. Muhammad.

The CDs feature the voices of the children’s music workshop at Muhammad University of Islam (MUI) in Washington, D.C. For her three year old son Tabari, who participated as a vocalist with the MUI students, it was fun from start to finish.

“He learned the material like the older children. He went to weeks of rehearsal without me. Tabari opended up like a flower when he went to the studio. It was just amazing.”

These new CDs are the sophomore effort of Mrs. Muhammad, an educator for more than 10 years. Her first CD was called We Are the Children, which was enjoyed by parents all over the country.

“I learned a lot from my first project. Our children need these CDs and so much more. ‘Lets Build a Nation’ is tailor made to our children and the second one is for a more broader population,” she said.

My inspiration comes from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Mother Tynnetta Muhammad who have kept us focused on the arts. The Ministry of Arts and Culture was a great resource for what I needed to produce the CDs. Letitia Muhammad created the graphics. Just about everything I needed was in the Nation of Islam.”

What’s next?

“My next project will be a DVD for children. I want to have the children singing and put in images to bring the songs to life.”

(For more information or to order your copy call (202) 215-7768 or email [email protected].)