New Jersey MMM marching to end the war, to end violence in our streets

NEWARK ( – The New Jersey state Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) representing the cities of Newark, Trenton, Asbury Park, New Brunswick, Elizabeth and Morristown brought the Millions More Movement to the people on Aug. 25. A contingent of over 100–wearing MMM hats and t-shirts–joined the thousands who were participating in the “The People’s March For Peace, Equality, Jobs & Justice” in Newark on the 44th anniversary of the 1963 “March On Washington For Jobs & Freedom,” the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Newark Rebellion and the second anniversary of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

“The purpose of the march is to bring public attention to our desire for an immediate end to the war in Iraq and the violence in our streets, our demands for racial equality, the creation of a massive jobs program, and the redirection of money for the war towards domestic needs,” stated Lawrence Hamm, NJ state LOC co-chairman and chairman of the Newark-based Peoples Organization for Progress (POP).


Mr. Hamm said we demand accountability. “Those responsible for the disaster caused by the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq; and the catastrophe of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina must be held accountable,” he stressed. “We call for the impeachment of Pres. George W. Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney,” Mr. Hamm stated at the rally in Newark’s Lincoln Park.

Minister James Muhammad, head of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 85 in New Brunswick and co-chair of the state LOC Millions More Movement, explained to those at the rally that, while everyone knows that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said concerning the evils of the Viet Nam War, how a “nation that does not solve its social problems is a nation that is approaching spiritual death but, very few know that it was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who became the first Black leader in America to speak out against the war in Iraq.”

“Minister Farrakhan went around the nation exhorting people to speak out against the war, and he did not have a chorus behind him. He said on many occasion that if he had to go it alone he would do just that,” Min. Muhammad explained to the massive crowd.

“On August 25, Minister Farrakhan had many voices joining his chorus against this unjust war,” Min. Muhammad told The Final Call. He said people joined us behind the MMM banner who had not been active in the past, because they have become so overwhelmed by the war in Iraq and the violence in our streets; and all of the issues that are affecting our community–police brutality, unemployment–they want a movement that will work.

“The Millions More Movement is a sleeping giant, it made its presence felt on Aug. 25, 2007,” Mr. Hamm told The Final Call.

Also speaking at the rally was Michigan Congressman John Conyers (D). “We have an obligation to stop the war. It’s illegal and immoral,” he said.

The American Friends Service Committee arranged boots which represented every service member from New Jersey killed in Iraq, along with sneakers and shoes to symbolize Iraqi civilians who have died since the invasion.