A University On Wheels

More colmuns by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

“Praise be to Allah! Whose is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and to Him be praise in the Hereafter! And He is the Wise, the Aware. He knows that which goes down into the earth and that which comes out of it, and that which comes down from heaven and that which goes up to it. And He is the Merciful, the Forgiving. And those who disbelieve say: The Hour will never come to us. Say: Yea, by my Lord, the Knower of the unseen! it will certainly come to you. Not an atom’s weight escapes Him in the heavens or in the earth, nor is there less than that nor greater, but (all) is in a clear book.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verses 1-3

(1) Group photo of participants in MXODUS Tour visiting Tres Zapotes Museum within 20 days of its inauguration. This photo also shows a mural painted by famous Mexican artist. (2) Evidence of the mathematical system originating with the Olmecs displayed at the Tres Zapotes Museum in Veracruz.

Upon leaving the magical birthing place of the mystical Olmec healers and primary medicine men of that earlier era, we were headed to three main Olmec sites which comprised the discovery of mammoth stone monuments of the cultural contributions of the Olmec culture. We all felt invigorated by the tranquil environment of peace in Catemaco surrounded by another outcropping of natural rain forests, rich vegetation and forested hills meeting the sacred lake and sky. My mind reflected always on the divine teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the many truths he had shared with me and others about the rich history of the original man and people scattered all over our planet earth.

I recalled, in particular, an article which appeared in The Muhammad Speaks newspapers in the ‘60s reporting on the excavation of these huge basalt (volcanic rock) heads of the mysterious Olmecs being unearthed in the state of Veracruz, the site of our current journey. I thought about the blessings for a few of us to have the experience to look directly on these awesome monuments. I have likened this journey to a university on wheels because of the extraordinary information that was being revealed to our group of 26 students and the staff members on board.

Each day of our journey was if a new revelation was being revealed, touching upon the past, present and future times all at once as we actively engaged in parallel worlds in terrific motion being completely saturated with new knowledge. It was as if Almighty God Allah was revealing truths at lightning speeds brightening up a dark and unknown world. Being in the company of Professor Toni Humber was truly an unforgettable learning experience impacting upon us with drama and objectivity with the feeling that we were participating in her classroom at the university level.

This also included the performing arts and aspects of theatre and the performing arts required of all the team as will be explained in fuller detail in a later article that took place at the Yanga Festival in Cordoba, Veracruz. We were also part of a delegation meeting with the elected officials of the town of Yanga and met with families in the area who also experienced the African Diaspora in Mexico. Dr. Humber has made lasting relationships with many of these families with whom we came face to face. Her studies have been inspired by her work with Ivan Van Sertima who wrote the book, “They Came Before Columbus,” and the late Asa Hilliard, whose untimely passing in Cairo, Egypt, transpired while we were on the stop over for the Yanga Festival in Cordoba. May Almighty God be pleased with him for his blessed contributions to the onward and ever-advancing scholarship on Black History and the revival of our lost knowledge and heritage.

This large stone is an Olmec head that is exhibited in the museum of Tres Zapotes.

Nothing happens by chance. Everything that takes place in our lives comes by the activation of our DNA material and genetic coding, interacting with all of the events that come into being after our birth. We meet each other in our life’s journey by God’s will and permission. Our essence for spirit journeys in a cycle of time from cosmic dust to sperm mixed with ovum until we manifest in this life. We live as if it were an eternity. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated this phenomenon in this manner, “Thought never dies. The question is raised what is thought and were does it lodge? What holds thought and where does it abide? If thought never dies, then it must proceed from consciousness and what is consciousness but the ever-living substance that originates from the originator or the divine creator to whom in essence we all return.”

In answering the question raised to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad about the finding of these huge, basalt heads, some of them weighing up to 50 tons, he answered me in these words, “Oh, Sister, the Original Man and people have traveled throughout eons of time all over our planet, so it is not surprising to find evidence of us in the jungles or country of Mexico or for that matter elsewhere on our planet.” The African features on these Olmec heads clearly point to Africa, as we call it today. Olmec is not the original name of these sojourners of our forefathers. The name Olmec is derived from the area of the rain forest where they were discovered near the rubber trees, thus the name Olmec means rubber. These mammoth stone heads number between 17 to recent finds bringing the total to 19 heads.

From this information, I have derived an interpretation that may be connected to these 19 heads. The Olmec culture brought to Mesoamerica the counting system of 0 to 19 with only these heads and no bodies that could symbolize 0 to 19 the decimal system, which counts by multiples of 20. Twenty being a sacred number to the Mayan calendar was derived from the Olmec originators. It is believed that the writing system that is in use in the Mayan calendar is derived from the Olmecs often identified with the jaguar priests who descended from cosmic realms of universal existence that can be traced back to thousands of years. If this proves true, we may be able to trace their origin to Africa’s 50,000-year history, which is rooted in the tribe of Shabazz. This, then, would be the root knowledge from which all other immigrant tribes, to the Americas, derived their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has also taught us that in the beginning there were 13 tribes. The number 13 is also a sacred number to the Mayan and other indigenous people of the Americas. The number 13 and the number 20 make up the counting system that is used in the Mayan calendar. All original indigenous people in the Americas and in other locations on our planet have been to one degree or another, worshippers of The Sun going back thousands and thousands of years in the past.

In the body of the Supreme Wisdom, the students of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad are taught that The Original Man searched for trillions of years to find a mystery God. Therefore, they have concluded that there is no mystery God, only the Son of Man. Thus, “son” and “sun” is pronounced the same. With the coming of the Great Mahdi in the person of W.F. Muhammad, the cover was unveiled and he broke through the secret that had been kept in the circle of the scientists to prove that the Son of Man in person is the real God and that we need not search any further for a mystery God, neither in the sun or the moon or the stars but within the human spirit and its ability to manifest the power of God. The photos exhibited in these articles covering the last several weeks were provided by Brother Khaliq Muhammad from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Professor Toni Humber from Pamona, California, and Sister Debie Muhammad from Columbus, Ohio. Thank you to all the team for your gracious contributions as we continue covering our spectacular tour as students participating in our university on wheels.

“That He may reward those who believe and do good. For them is forgiveness and an honorable sustenance. And those who strive hard in opposing Our Messages, for them is a painful chastisement of an evil kind. And those who have been given knowledge see that what is revealed to thee from thy Lord, is the Truth, and it guides into the path of the Mighty, the Praised.–Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verses 4-6

To be continued.