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Farrakhan The TravelerThe true meaning of freedom, justice and equality

JABRIL.MUHAMMAD Here are the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s concluding answers to the May 1st interview. Brother Jabril: “Now, we come to all of these sciences from another angle, or I should say from the ultimate perspective.  “One day you told us that the subject of love came up between you and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. You said he was deepening you (and...

How to keep desires in harmony with God

Farrakhan The Traveler

Brother Jabril Muhammad: Brother Minister, as you know, the scriptures teach that the evil move that was made against Joseph, by his brothers, was out of envy. Jesus, of course, suffered envy. A great deal of what happens today, in America and elsewhere, is motivated by jealousy and envy. What gives rise to jealousy and especially envy? The Honorable Minister Louis...