COVID Intensive Care Unit Nurse Provides A Look Inside America’s Hospitals And the Importance of Following Divine Guidance to Stay Healthy

Sister Tamara Muhammad is a fourth-generation member of the Nation of Islam. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and is an RN. She currently works as a COVID Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse based in Memphis, Tennessee. For more than seven years, she thoroughly enjoyed her unique work as a travel nurse until the arrival of COVID-19 changed everything about her experience.

Tamara Muhahammad, RN

Below are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Final Call National Correspondent Charlene Muhammad, wherein Sister Tamara discusses her position that COVID-19 cases are not on the rise. She analyzes treatments, therapies and trends as an eyewitness and a health professional. She bears witness to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Divine Guidance and Warning about the vaccine and solutions he offered to a pestilence from heaven.

CHARLENE MUHAMMAD (CM): You mentioned trends that COVID-19 seems to follow during the flu season. Please explain.

TAMARA MUHAMMAD (TM): As health care professionals working at-the-bedside with COVID, we are less busy after the flu season: the end of March, the beginning of April, and tapering off entirely in May; and active during the fall and winter months. Hence, so many people tested positive for COVID-19 during this time, and the flu season seemed to disappear.


CM: What other trends do you see with COVID-19 and reports of a rise in cases?

TM: The news will report a rise in COVID. The only way we as ICU nurses could scope if COVID-19 were truly on the rise is by following the money trail. Agencies would call us nonstop and pay us anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 weekly. That is not happening. The numbers are low. We’re back to regular pay, $2,900 to $3,200 weekly. We look at the patterns. The vaccines were declining, and the COVID test and masks sales dropped. It’s just propaganda. Nobody is in the hospital for COVID at this current time because they’re not calling us; it’s a fear tactic to sell their masks and tests and get more people vaccinated.

CM: Please share your knowledge about the constant, unprecedented volume of testing.

TM: I felt vindicated when Minister Ava reported about that PCR test in her Final Call article: “The Covid-19 PCR Test: Companion Weapon to the Vaccine in the Era of Biological Warfare Against the Original People.” I’ve been telling everyone about that PCR test from day one. It raised many suspicions because COVID nurses were never required to take the test. Patients were required to get tested for simple examinations or procedures (unrelated to COVID) and none of the healthcare professionals working in the hospital is required to take a test?

I have never been tested, never! I have never been asked to take a test, and I am working with COVID-19 patients and have never tested. We could work sick with COVID-19 patients, go home ill, return to work the following day, and never be tested. The rationale is that we know the test is faulty and not diagnostic; it’s only a screening test. After all, the test doesn’t guide treatment, and it is too far inaccurate to trust the test to tell your current status.

I cared for many patients that tested negative for COVID-19 repeatedly but still had all the signs and symptoms of it and were treated for it in the ICU. And we had patients with no signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in different units who would test positive for it repeatedly and not be treated for it because they didn’t have COVID-19. The patient was there for hip replacement or something unrelated to COVID-19. Remember, every patient gets tested for COVID-19 coming into the hospital. This is evidence that the test doesn’t guide treatment and is hugely inaccurate.

CM: With such a patient load, how have you and your colleagues stayed well, or have you?

TM: You would think we will be the largest death population since we come in contact with COVID. You haven’t heard any reports about ICU nurses dropping dead from COVID-19. I can’t even name one colleague who died from COVID-19, but I can call many colleagues who have been injured from the COVID vaccine.

Patient getting tested for COVID-19. Photo: MGN Online

It was pretty refreshing to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan talk about monoclonal antibodies during the “Swan Song” as the therapy he and Mother Khadijah Farrakhan took for COVID-19. In early 2021, I saw monoclonal antibodies used at the patient bedsides with tremendous results, not just in the patients but with my colleagues, who still take monoclonal antibodies as a prophylactic.

CM: What are monoclonal antibodies and what makes them effective?

TM: Monoclonal antibodies increase the body’s ability to fight infections; these antibodies are cloned white blood cells that mimic the natural immune system. It is administered either through injection or infusion via an IV.

However, the new treatment at the bedside is convalescent plasma, also called survivor plasma; this blood is from people who recovered/survived COVID-19 and have antibodies to fight the virus. I have seen incredible results with this treatment, too. Nurses have tested positive for antibodies and donated their plasma to patients, bearing witness to what Minister Farrakhan said in the “Swan Song” of a herd/natural immunity that the Amish community has obtained, and we can do the same. We do not need their so-called vaccine.

I was sick in December 2019, and All Praise Is Due to Allah, I haven’t been ill since. I am not denouncing anything that will help us survive. We should have it all in our survival kit or storehouses. However, in my testimony of my walk in the shadow of death, I took no drugs, including supplements, because the one thing I know now as a nurse practitioner is that no regulatory agency body tests supplements for their efficacy. Anyone can make supplements, advertise their products on the market, and sell them to the public. It doesn’t mean it does what it states.

I noticed an entire movement at the bedside with nurses focusing on nutrition, sleeping, stress, and exercise, which helped us survive. Because one thing we know for sure was that all our COVID patients had underlying illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, they were already ill or in a sick state, which left them susceptible to COVID-19. Those trailers that you saw in New York, being loaded up with bodies—in hindsight, we plainly will say that many deaths were ventilator-related, not necessarily from COVID. I know the healthier we got and maintained, we had super powers against COVID-19.

CM: Please share your views on Ivermectin, the number one medication publicly endorsed by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

TM: Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs to give. Ivermectin is known to have a ‘wide therapeutic index,’ which in pharmacology means it has been proven safe in high doses and is well tolerated. Ivermectin should be given way before you get to an ICU; way before you get to hospital status—that’s really frontline type of medicine. COVID still has a survival rate greater than 98 percent. The hospital survival rates changed the moment they stopped putting people on ventilators.

CM: What is your personal regimen to maintain your immune system and overall health?

TM: My own therapies have been: prayer, faithfulness with the bean soup, striving with “How To Eat to Live” (by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad), the Holy Qur’an, exercise, being kinder and patient to my loved ones and others (righteous conduct), charity, growing my food, making whole wheat bread, proper rest, less stress, gratefulness, and “Our Saviour Has Arrived” (by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad). I remind myself all the time what the Messenger was instructed to tell us from Master Fard Muhammad:

“Tell them I love them.” Also included are Final Call Radio, The Final Call newspaper, and having a Muslim household. Let’s get a healthy family, and we can teach the world about our God, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, who gave us the “How to Eat to Live.” And we can save ourselves from COVID-19, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer.

CM: Thank you.