(Taken from Chapter 69 of the Holy Qur’an.) What is said there in Chapter 69 of the Holy Qur’an is so true and is being fulfilled in this day and time.

This Chapter is warning the people in the time of the Resurrection of the mentally dead of what happened in the histories of former people who were doomed to destruction and how they reacted to the truth and warning and how they called the truth of their approaching doom a lie. This Chapter is warning the people of the calamities that are now besetting America and Europe; the sure truth that they are heading for their doom like Ad and Thamud who gave the truth a lie and were overtaken by Allah’s Judgment of a violent wind roaring seven days and eight nights. This was the kind of destruction that Allah destroyed them with.

The Chapter also mentions of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah–how these cities were overthrown by earthquakes and unto this day they have not been rebuilt.

Pharaoh, who opposed the Truth and called it a lie, suffered the Judgment of Allah (drowning in the Red Sea).


The Black Man in America is now suffering under the falsehood of his enemies, while truth is being sounded in his ears. He sees the evidence of it with his eyes; yet he would like it a lie.

The main warning of the Holy Qur’an to those who take the truth for a lie and the lie for the truth is that they are subject to the same type of Judgment that these former opponents of Allah were subjected to.

We are now witnessing the truth being spread all over the continent of America and jumping the borders and spreading around the earth. Allah is backing up His Coming and Presence to defend the horrible plight of the so-called American Negro.  

There is no plainer truth that could ever come to both White and Black than what Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, has delivered to me, whom He chose to deliver this Message of Truth.

The enemy is ever seeking a way to oppose the truth and take you and me to their doom if we are foolish enough to give a lie to the truth.

Everything mentioned in the Bible and Holy Qur’an an, such as plagues and judgments taking place in ancient times of the Bible and Holy Qur’an against the opponents of Allah, is to warn you and me that the same thing is coming upon America and Europe, but America is No. 1 (first).

This is the truth that God has given to me to warn you. He (Allah) is Sufficient to back up His Own Words.

The cold and violent wind blowing for seven days and eight nights to destroy an enemy people of Allah; the earthquakes taking place, overthrowing cities; and the destruction of Pharaoh and his army are to warn you and me that the same thing will take place here in America and is now going on (This is the sure truth).

The evidence of this sure truth that I, Elijah Muhammad, am preaching is that America is in for every known destruction that plagued the people of old.

As the Bible teaches us (symbolically), God says He will use every one of His arrows against the wicked world today. When a man says he will shoot all of his ammunition to try to kill you, you want to know how much ammunition he has to shoot. I say plenty, for Allah has no such thing as a limitation to what and how He can destroy since all the powers of heavens and earth are within His Hands.

The forces of nature (which He is using and will continue to use) are things that we have no defense against.   I say, Black Man, believe in Allah and come follow me.

(Text from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)