What food does Allah (God) suggest? He suggests the food that is good for us and does not make us ill. Food that is for human consumption and not for animals.

Never before have we gone so far astray. The European White race, blessed with the privilege of eating the best food the earth provides, has taught us to eat the worst (divinely prohibited) food. We eat all the time, three and four times a day. This is enough to wear out the intestines of a brass monkey.

Eat a single meal a day, no matter what anyone says. If your doctor says that you should eat more than one meal a day, ignore him with a smile, and eat only once a day. If he tells you he eats three meals a day, tell him that his length of life is about the same as his patients. Then, tell the doctor to try eating one meal a day.

The more idle our stomachs are, the longer they will last. The more we tax our stomach, the sooner it wears out. We all try to live as long as we can because nature never teaches us that we should not try to live. We do not have a nature that teaches us to die, or teaches of life somewhere else.


No matter how staunch a believer the Christian may be in a life after the grave, if he gets sick, he sends for the doctor. He prays to stay on here and not to go to the unknown.

To live a long time, Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, has taught me life must begin with the type of food that will prolong life. We have been talking about bread. There are people so poor they have no choice, and there are some so rich who still have no choice.

Whole wheat bread, cooked thoroughly, is the best bread. It should be ground very fine. It can be ground almost as fine as its white kernel. Never eat corn bread. As I said, rye bread is all right for the hardworking man. Even at that, it should be cooked twice.

The Christian civilization has taught the so-called Negro slave to eat freshly baked bread, white biscuits or white rolls, just out of the oven, and it scorns old bread, which is better for the stomach than freshly baked bread or cakes.

There are many foods we would like to teach you not to eat, but at present so many of you cannot avoid eating them.

We must prepare and grow our own food, because this is a highly commercialized world. They graft a lot of food, and some of this food is not good for our stomachs.

Soy bean flour is very rich, and not good for our stomachs. Our stomachs are too delicate for soy bean flour, therefore, leave those beans alone. The animals, especially cattle and hogs, love them. Grind them up and they will eat them. They are very high in protein. The lima bean is another large bean advertised by the devil for you to eat. which will almost burst the lining of the stomach and intestines of a Texas bull. They said “that one is good for the nigger.” Do not eat the smaller ones, either, the ones they call “baby lima beans” (baby belly busters).

Pastries and cakes — the kind made with crusts of white flour and sweetened with white sugar, so sweet you can still taste them the next day, are not good for our stomachs. All this hastens you to the graveyard sooner than you would like to go. We should eat fruit and fruit pies. I love that little black blueberry pie; huckleberry, as we call it in the South. But do not make it with white sugar or crusts of white flour. Use brown sugar and whole wheat flour for your pie and cobbler crusts.

Apples are better when eaten raw than when made into pies. This goes for pears, peaches and bananas. All fruit is better for you raw than cooked. When fruit is raw, we get the benefit of its natural vitamins. If possible, never eat cooked fruit.

If you must eat meat, always eat the cleanest, such as healthy and tuberculosis free beef. The lamb is the best. Most beef is too coarse for our stomachs. The lamb is a much finer grained meat.

Eat small young pigeons (squabs) which have never flown from their nests. Do not eat any bird that has been free to fly around and look for its own food. This is the teaching of Allah to me. Chickens are not fit to eat. You have to nurse them so carefully to keep them away from filth.

If you would like to find good food, such as lamb, beef or even chicken, if you are a Muslim, buy it from the strictly Orthodox Jew. Be certain it is an Orthodox kosher market, because some Jews eat the pig. Orthodox Jews are excellent in protecting their health, even spiritually trying to do and eat like their prophet Mossa (Moses) taught them through the Divine teachings of Allah. If you respect yourselves as Muslims, the spiritual Orthodox Jew will respect you. Of course, no one will respect you unless you respect yourself.

Do not buy the Christians’ ready prepared ground meats, or any ready ground meat. Buy the quality meats that you like, and have them ground by the kosher butchers, through their meat grinders, because they do not have the pig near their shops. They are like us, they hate the divinely Prohibited flesh. If you must eat rice please brown it thoroughly in your oven or on top of your stove with a little butter or Oil to keep it from Sticking. Keep stirring it vigorously. Remember, eat only one meal, once every 24 hours.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live,” Book 1.)