The Beyond the Runway fashion show took place May 18 in Atlanta.

by Joi X

ATLANTA—Sister Dorothea Muhammad, founder of Belle D Kouture, hosted a fashion show “Beyond the Runway” that beautifully intertwined modesty, culture and contemporary style.

Held in the heart of the Atlanta community on May18, the event aimed to showcase Islamic fashion’s elegance while promoting modesty and self-respect. The event took place on May 18 at the Georgia Perimeter Conference Center and featured designers from Atlanta, Chicago, New York and more.

The fashion show was a vibrant display of the rich cultural tapestry within the Nation of Islam. Designers presented collections that blended traditional Islamic attire with modern influences.


From tailored suits and dresses to intricately embroidered abayas and kaftans, each piece celebrated the diversity and unity of the community.

One of the central themes of the fashion show was the harmonious blend of modesty and modernity. The designs demonstrated that modest clothing can be stylish and sophisticated.

Garments and headpieces, long flowing gowns, hijabs in various styles and elegant head wraps were prominently featured, illustrating that fashion and faith can coexist beautifully.

Many designers also incorporated sustainable and ethical fashion trends, highlighting the community’s commitment to responsible consumerism.

For many participants and attendees, the fashion show was more than just a display of clothing—it was an empowering affirmation of identity. Many of the models were from the local community.

They walked the runway confidently and embodied the strength and grace of Muslim women and men. The event provided a platform for voices often underrepresented in mainstream fashion, promoting a narrative of inclusivity and respect.

The fashion show was interspersed with speeches from community leaders and inspirational figures that spoke about the importance of maintaining cultural and religious values in all aspects of life, including fashion. There were also captivating performances, from spoken word poetry to traditional music, adding depth and vibrancy to the event.

The success of the Beyond the Runway fashion show reflected a growing movement within the fashion industry that embraces diversity and challenges stereotypes. It serves as a reminder that fashion can be a powerful tool for cultural expression and unity.

The positive response from the audience and the broader community highlights the increasing demand for inclusive fashion that respects and celebrates all identities.

The fashion show was a resounding success, showcasing the beauty and versatility of modest fashion. It highlighted the creative talents in the community and reinforced the values of modesty, empowerment and cultural pride.