[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online on April 18, 2014; and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him–and We are nearer to him than his life-vein. When the two receivers receive, sitting on the right and on the left, He utters not a word but there is by him a watcher at hand.   And the stupor of death comes in truth; that is what thou wouldst shun.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 16-19

One of our brothers from Atlanta, Georgia, who attended our Saviours’ Day presentation of “Journey to the Stars” raised a question concerning the Crystal Skulls and what purpose they served in preserving the records of our early beginnings in the universe.   My thoughts went immediately to what we have been taught about “the radio in the head,” which is based upon thought frequencies which are electromagnetic in nature.   The human brain is housed in the skull and is the perfect medium or sounding board for collecting and storing billions and trillions of megabytes of information much like the modern computer.   This memory retention of the human brain has been veiled to such an extent that we are no longer sensitive to the electrical impressions that our brain cells receive milliseconds at a time.

We have literally forgotten how to remember, and the Remembrance of Allah is the Greatest Force!   Having worked with several custodians of Crystal Skulls, including two well known Shamans of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and in the state of Chiapas and the country of Guatemala, they are consistent in guarding the secrets of what they know about the use of Crystal Skulls work in relationship to the human mind and body.   Many years ago, I had the good fortune to meet such a remarkable Shaman named Hunbatz Men representing the Itza Mayan tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico who has established a school of training for interested students.    


Upon another occasion, we met in the state of Chiapas at the archaeological site of Palenque.   He performed several group ceremonies of the Crystal Skull in the company of several brothers and sisters of the Nation of Islam.   According to Hunbatz Men, he was the recipient of one of the famous 13 Crystal Skulls sent to him from a colleague and friend from the Himalayan Mountains living in Tibet.   It is in this region of the world where the tradition of the 13 Skulls originated.   These 13 Skulls are also referred to as the 13 old ones or 13 Grandmothers.   Those who are in possession of these skulls are considered to be the caretakers.   Each of the skulls has a specific category or function in the overall plan in the evolution of humanity.   It is stated by them that the 13 spirits of human development are going to remain with those who come into energetic contact with them.  

According to this ancient tradition, the people initiating the 13 Skulls of wisdom are called “Dropas.”   They use these skulls to store the energy of what they learned of human qualities that are superior.   They contemplate on the skulls and assign to each one a particular quality.   After years of doing this, each skull was given life as the energy grew intense and radiated outward with its quality.   What was used to store the energy of valued human qualities became enlivened.   The stored human energy multiplied in intensity and continued to grow becoming powerful transmitters.   They are to be respected as pure vibrations of the qualities they represent.

There is a spiritual awareness within each one of them.   It is as though, for example, pure love resides in one, and pure wonder resides in another.   It isn’t just the quality itself; it is a spiritual projection of that particular quality that resonates with each individual.   There is a consciousness attached that can actively work to fill the recipient with a lasting form of the vibration in a conscious form.   This is a simplified explanation that is easy to understand.   “The Dropas” are an ancient antediluvian people from whom the Tibetans descend.   They respect the skull as the Seat of Wisdom.   They honored intelligence above any other quality.   The Crystal Skull is regarded as the perfect symbol for wisdom.  

In the February 5, 2002 edition of The Final Call newspaper, I wrote an article entitled, “The Human Body and Its Crystalline Matter.”   I displayed two photos, one was the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull alongside a photograph of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.   These photos were to demonstrate the connection between the human brain and skull as the holder of Wisdom and its affinity to the electrical composition of the crystalline matter of the human anatomy.  

I wish to quote a passage from that article which correlates with our current discussion on the importance of the Crystal Skull and its relationship to the human body.   I am quoting from a book that was gifted to me some years ago entitled, “The Crystal Connection,” by Randall N. Baer and Vicki B. Baer.  

Here is what these expert writers on the subject of crystals and their interaction with the human body had to say.   “The whole human biological structure can be viewed as an aggregate of liquid crystals and much of the human body is made of such liquid crystals like cholesterol.   These crystal structures receive the radiations of nature peculiar to each crystal form. … When these crystals are squeezed or pressured by electrical charges or excited by radiation of any form from an external force, they themselves begin to oscillate and begin to produce electro-magnetic radio magnetic wave fields from the nucleus of their atoms.   The first radio sets were crystal oscillators and perhaps the human being will be the ultimate radio set when he can excite his own molecular crystal structure through the induction of cosmic rays.”

“And the trumpet is blown. That is the day of threatening. And every soul comes, with it a driver and a witness. Thou wast indeed heedless of this, but now We have removed from thee thy veil, so thy sight is sharp this day.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 20-22

To be continued.