What we must understand today is the importance of acquiring land of our own. We are no longer a mere handful of people. We are a little better than 22 million in population and still increasing.

We cannot forever continue to depend upon America to give us a job, send us to school, build our houses and sell us her food and give nothing in return.

American was not established and chartered with constitutional guarantees for the Black man but for the White man.

American was not founded to guarantee the freedom and equality of the Black man and woman and, indeed, she is not seeking to grant these privileges to our people today.


In what other country on this earth will you find 22 million people within the framework of another people’s government seeking to become qualified citizens joyously singing the song of integration? Our people are the fools of the nations.

Integration means self-destruction, and the means to this end is exactly that–death and nothing less.

The Black people throughout the earth are seeking independence for their own, not integration into White society. What do we look like trying to integrate with our 400-year-old enemies?

The average so-called Negro wants to change his own flesh color and blood for a strange blood and flesh.

In order to build a nation you must first have some land. From our first generation of slaves to the present generation of our people, we have been unable to unite and acquire some land of our own due to the mental poisoning of our former slave-masters, who destroyed in us the desire to think and do for self and kind.

Do you as educated and professional men and women desire to be recognized forever as the mental slaves, beggars of White America?

Today, the international conception of honor, pride and dignity is not concerned with individuals within a country but is rather concerned with your work and value as a part of an established nation.

In order to be recognized today you must represent your nation. We must understand the importance of land to our nation.

The first and most important reason that the individual countries of Europe, Africa and Asia are recognized as nations is because they occupy a specific area of the earth. Second, they are recognized because of the effectiveness of their internal unity and policies and then by their enactment of international policies and agreements with other established nations. The Black man has been actually worthless when it comes to exercising the rights as human beings in an ever-advancing civilization. So remember, we cannot demand recognition until we have some land that we can call our own.

You might argue that this is impossible, but I say to you, with Almighty Allah (God) on my side this is not only possible but is in the working for our people and will manifest itself soon!

(Reprinted from “Message to the Blackman,” 1965. Click here for an historic look at the Honorable Eliah Muhammad.)