PLEASE do not be mistaken about this teaching of HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, in a world in which you can get everything to eat, from the low and most unwanted creature of the earth, all the way back to human beings themselves.

This world eats anything and everything. They eat both good foods and bad foods and they always try to establish some new food or new style of preparing new foods.

Do not try to keep up with them in their way of teaching, lest you find yourself keeping up with them to the graveyard. You do not have to take anything that the White race says for truth. The answer can be found in our own lives—doctor and patient lived about an equal length of time. This shows that their way of teaching you and me, is that of “hill of mountain.” You will not live as long as a hill or mountain. Your life is short and you follow their way. 75, 80, and 90 years is nothing to what you should be living, if you only knew the right kind of food that you should eat and abide by the rules and teachings of that type of food.

We suffer with many ailments due to the improper foods and the improper time to eat. You have no regularity about when you are going to eat. Then your sickness—the consequences of an ignorant way of eating—will also have no regularity about it.


The patient can be made to enjoy better health while having sickness and disease, if he eats at the proper time and eats the proper foods. Follow the right way of HOW TO EAT TO LIVE.

A HIGH percentage of blood sugar is a very dominate thing among the people but that blood sugar can be controlled, if you eat right. You will not even know that you had it, or that it is in you. We must eat the foods that will destroy sickness and disease.

(Reprinted from “How to Eat to Live,” Book Two, 1974.)