How To Eat To Live

What fool is there who does not want to live? Do not even ask a wise person; consult a fool. Even a fool wants to live as long as he can. Well, eat right—one meal a day—and be careful what you eat. The wicked are practicing their wicked way of poisoning the righteous in their preparation for food and drink so be careful what you eat to live.

The Christian race has shortened the lives of nations which follow its way of civilization. The so-called American Negroes—the lost and found members of the nation (the Black nation) the first and the last—have been used for experimental purposes. They have suffered every evil thing or idea that entered the heart of the slavemaster and his children. This is going on to-day, as never before in a wise and scientific way.

Before the White man was made, the Black man was known to live approximately a thousand years. He ate the right food and ate it at the right time.

Our stomachs are what we make them. If they call for food every two or three hours, we make a habit of feeding them every two or three hours. If we don’t make a habit of feeding our stomachs every two or three hours, they will not call for it. We are the God of our own appetite and what we eat.


Remember the prophecy of Jesus: he came to give us life and more life abundantly. He cannot give us more life if we will not protect our life against its enemies.

DO NOT try to eat so many different things. One or two good things are all right, even just milk and bread—but it has been tampered with. It is hard to get a pure glass of milk. It is hard to get a pure piece of whole wheat bread.

They tamper with everything, without any just cause. So, do the best you can and eat one meal a day. You will live longer.

Eat one meal once every twenty-four (24) hours and eat the right food.

Get away from eating a lot of greasy foods and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Do not eat freshly-baked bread or freshly-baked cakes.


(Text from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)