The dead are we, the Black once-slaves of the White man of America. We are a mentally Dead people. We are dead to the knowledge of self and others.

The knowledge of self has now come to us from God, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever!

Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, is A Man. His Teachings bring us into Reality, and not into some kind of spooky, or spirit, or ghost-like teaching.

Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever is The All-Wise and Living-God. He Desires that we see Him as He is—a Human Being and not something beyond the family of human beings—spookisms.


We could never ask a formless spirit to lead us because we are not a formless spirit ourselves. Man can only listen to man. Man cannot listen to other than man.

And I have proof—we just never were able to obey anything but ourselves!

We, the once-Dead, mentally, are coming to the knowledge of life;—when we learn this lesson of the living, it will destroy the belief in other than ourself.

Bringing us up in slavery time—putting us to a mental-death was something that the slavemaster and his children did because of their desire to make us into something that was other than the truth in order to be able to keep our minds enslaved!

From the Visit of God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom Praises are Due forever, the Time, now, has come to us, as it is written. That on the Day of Judgment, we will see God as He Is. (Bible, Rev. 1:7).

The Rise Of The Dead, does not, by any means, mean what you and I were taught when we were little boys and little girls—And even while we are little boys and little girls in man and woman-age, we are still pushed on a baby side, for understanding of the truth.

We, the Black People, are no longer babies—we are babies to no one, except, God Himself! You are fast learning that you are not babies any more but on your Rise Up From The Dead knowledge of Black self, and others.

You are learning fast that Allah (God) Is Fast creating in us a new way of thinking, for the way in which we had been thinking was in a way of untruth and an unseemly way of understanding.

America is a country where evil is dominant and the people in America think nothing but evil! It is very seldom that you can talk to a person without getting the thought, quickly, that their mind is filled with evil!

We, the Black People in America, are called the Dead, spiritually. And, We, the Black People in America, now desire to make for ourselves something better than what the slave-master’s children have made of us. We want to make something better of ourselves than what the slave-master’s children still do make of us.

Look at the many people who used to be stage-actors, and who are now forsaking the stage as being a mockery to them and are now former stage-actors who want to be seen and conversed with as civilized Black People; and not as some kind of a stage-actor.

The White stage actors are with some sense because they are civilized. A meaningless act is not enjoyed by a people who are intelligently learned into the knowledge of civilization.

But the poor Black Man in America has no knowledge of any civilization. But the White man has gotten into all of the civilized people of the earth and he knows them and they know him.

This is why now a war between civilizations must take place; because the present ruler (White race) has deceived the whole entire civilized world with their civilization of deceit!

The White race was made for the purpose of making mischief. The White race was made for the purpose of deceit. And, now that Almighty God Has Come to Make Manifest that which has been hidden of the truth, this runs the White man from under his deceitful blanket which had the White man covered.

As the Bible teaches us “God will pull the covering off of the covered and show the nations his (White race’s) shame” (Nah. 3:5).

If the White man had not been uncovered by Almighty God Allah Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever—I do not see any cover left for the White man’s skin!

By Allah (God) Pulling the cover off of the White race this makes it possible for us, the Black People, who were Dead to the knowledge of the truth, to See the natural characteristics of this deadly White enemy of the Black Man.

Now we can shun our enemy like we do a rattlesnake! When we see the rattle-snake, or hear his rattler sing, we begin to try and seek cover from the rattlesnake if we are not able to kill for we know his deadly sting.

But this snake (White race) has overtaken us and he has bitten us so many times that we have become so poisoned from his poison getting into our blood, from his sting, that it has taken God, now, to Come to Prevent the snake from continuing to sting us.

And Allah (God) has the Cure for our being bitten by the snake. He will Separate both of us from being involved with each other so the snake’s poisonous sting will not affect us.

The Black Man in America has never known anyone but the White race; therefore, the Black Man seeks pacification and mercy from a merciless people.

You cannot blame the White man for what he is, you cannot blame him for being merciless, for the White people were made the people that they are.

And the White man has made us, the Black Man, other than our own self. At the present time, we are not like we were when we were created in the Beginning! In the Beginning we were created right—then, we were deceived by the deceiver who was made a deceiver, by nature.

Our Black People are Rising Up. And we are happy to Rise into the knowledge of self and others. The Rise Of The Dead will be like the blast of a trumpet pretty soon!

The Black People will come into the knowledge of themselves so fast that it will look like The Rise Of The Dead has taken place at once!

I just love to look at my Black People now. All of them are Rising. And listening to them talk you see how much different they are!

My Black People must get out of the White man’s name. But my Black People must be qualified to enter their real Original Name of Almighty God Allah!

Come to the Temple of Islam and learn all about yourself, and after learning all about yourself, you will be able to take those who enslaved you, and wrap them around your little finger and you will not feel them on your little finger until you see them on your little finger and shake them off!

Allah (God) Loves you and I love you.

We want to Build Up this world for ourselves, to live in this world in Peace and happiness!

(Reprinted from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)