Know that Allah is with us (the Believers), and Allah has promised in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an, that if we believe and put our trust in Him, He is sufficient as a Protector, that no weapons formed against the true Believers will prosper.

We are the true Believers of Allah. As the Holy Qur’an teaches, they planned against us, but Allah also has plans, and He is the best of planners. I warn all of you that the devils, hypocrites and disbelievers will continue trying to turn you away from truth so you will have to suffer hellfire with them.

The so-called American Negroes (my people) are now in a time when they must decide on life or death. The world we have known is on its way out, and it wishes to carry you and me with it. But, it will not; this is the right path—believe in Allah and come follow me.

We are the last members of the original Black Nation and have been found and chosen by Allah to make a great nation—a nation under His guidance to excel the nations of the past.


Study the parable of Jesus and the lost sheep, the prodigal son (Luke 15:11, 21, 22), the stone that the builders rejected, the garden taken from the wicked husband and given to another and the mustard seed becoming a tree under which the beast found shade and in which the birds found rest.

Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Know that you, the so-called American Negroes, are divinely promised the Kingdom of Heaven (as it is called) after the destruction of this world. The people of this world will stop at nothing in trying to seduce you to follow them and remain with them so that you, too, will share in their doom. They ask you to take part in their doom and you accept. When accepting the call to their false friendship you are accepting death.

I hope you remember what I said to you concerning the prepared destruction by Allah for this people and you who take part with them. Since they already have a head start, they believe they will deceive you in going along with them, ignoring the call of Allah and your own salvation and heaven at once while you live.

The consequence of this rejection of His call will get you a disgraceful year’s punishment or chastisement (night and day). You will wish that you were dead. When night comes, you will wish it were day, and when day comes, you will wish it night. You can find this chastisement mentioned in Revelation (Rev. 9:6; 19:20; 20:10, 14, 15, and 21:8).

Salvation has come to the Black men of America, but their fear of losing the hate—I cannot say the love because they do not love you—of their enemies causes them to reject it.

In the coming years every one of you who is now a disbeliever in Allah and the great brotherhood of Islam will be suffering the punishments that have been mentioned in the above chapters and verses.

America is the first country and people that Allah wishes to destroy, but he will not destroy them until you have heard the truth of her and of yourself. I shall continue to warn you of the divine penalty that awaits you who reject your God and my Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad. In this world of crisis and destruction of nations, the only escape you have is in Allah and following me.

(Reprinted from “Message To The Blackman,” 1965.)