Unveiling the Number 19

[Editor’s Note: This article was published on June 16, 2007 and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“They said: O Dhu-l-qarnain, Gog and Magog do mischief in the land. May we then pay thee tribute on condition that thou raise a barrier between us and them? He said: That wherein my Lord has established me is better, so if only you help me with strength (of men), I will make a fortified barrier between you and them. Bring me blocks of iron. At length, when he had filled up the space between the two mountain sides, he said, Blow. Till, when he had made it (as) fire, he said: Bring me molten brass to pour over it. So they were not able to scale it, nor could they make a hole in it. He said: This is a mercy from my Lord, but when the promise of my Lord comes to pass, He will crumble it, and the promise of my Lord is ever true.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 94-98

Steel is defined as an alloy made up principally of iron and some carbon. Iron, as an element, is composed of crystalline matter with the atomic number of 26. Iron ore contains the deposits of iron, which goes through the smelting process, added to nickel and manganese, which adds to its strength and was one of the metal components utilized in the Bronze Age, which is traced back to 6,000 years. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that the beginning of Yakub’s civilization was initiated by the father of the White race named Yakub by playing with two pieces of steel.

Full view of the first B-2 Bomber at the Wright-Patterson Museum.

At the age of six, he recognized that one piece that had magnetic in it attracted the other piece that did not have magnetic in it. This was the beginning of the law of attraction, which states unalike attracts and like repels. He was in this law of attraction that he would one day make a people who would challenge the Original People of the planet earth to come up under its power of attraction.


Biologically, he studied the two germs that was in the Original Man, one was black and the other was brown. As he worked to separate the brown germ from the black germ, he produced the three main races: brown, yellow and, finally, White that would possess this magnetic attraction through a fiery temperament that would demagnetize to the extent that they would have the attracting power to control and dominate all other races and people, and with the hopes of destroying the Original Black Man.

One of the first planes built by the Wright Brothers. Photo Courtesy of http://www.aerospaceweb.org

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us a thorough knowledge of ourselves and others so that we would no longer be subject to the rules and domination of others. For that reason, he had to teach us the root of how all life on earth and in our universe came to be. The current state of world affairs reflects what Yakub had discovered by playing with two pieces of steel. Today’s aggressive world, dominating power has continued to manufacture more and more powerful weapons made of steel. His ultimate aim is to build or experiment on ever-advancing weapons of the highest quality of steel, making his way into outer space in order to build a platform in space, such as the space station and a base on the moon or any other planet in our solar system to aim his ever-advancing technology to make a strike at the Mother’s Wheel and its new civilization, which is built as a man-made planet.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the astronauts landing on the moon in 1969 was a part of his attempt to launch weapons in the final war called Armageddon by striking us from outer space. This final war has been identified in the scripture as the War of Armageddon. He knows that he cannot win in a war against the Great Mahdi and his mighty frightful Wheel in the Sky. His desire is to take as many of us down with him as he can. So the whole world has been deceived about the nature of what is taking place on our planet today. This is what is behind the Star Wars program, laser technology and the harnessing and the processing of crystals in space. Even though it may be that he has gained some knowledge from studying so-called crash alien spacecraft that is apart of the official program of Top Secret Investigations.

In my last article, I reviewed some of the research and controversy at the Wright-Patterson Air Base and their extensive number of years of research on UFOs and the possible link to the Roswell UFO crash. It was stated that there existed in Hangar 18 some of the pieces of steel that was carried from Roswell, New Mexico, to a place called Hangar 18. The other side of the investigations being conducted by our government on UFO phenomenon is located in the State of Nevada at site 51. There are many other clandestine locations throughout the country, both in the Eastern seaboard area as well as the Western area, including the State of California, Arizona and New Mexico.

As we continue to view the conflict of Nations, the war that is currently being fought by the United States government against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and now threatening Iran, let us be aware that the beginning of this world began with the playing of two pieces of steel that will ultimately end with greater and more advanced use of steel in making weapons to destroy the inhabitants of the planet earth, focused on the destruction of the great Mother’s Wheel and its civilization and its connection to the Original People of the planet earth.

“And on that day We shall let some of them surge against others and the trumpet will be blown, then We shall gather them all together, And We shall bring forth hell, exposed to view, on that day before the disbelievers, Whose eyes were under a cover from My Reminder, and they could not bear to hear.”–—Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 99-101

To be continued.