Mothers should feed their babies from their breast milk if they possibly can, as this is the best.

When you are able to start feeding them on solid food, give them weak bean soup—not the highly seasoned, strong soup that you eat. You also can start them out with orange juice and mashed apples. This is done whenever you think the baby is able—after he is about three months old. This depends on the health of the baby and its age.

Plenty of good milk and good, thoroughly cooked bread are good for you and the baby. We must not get the idea that we can nurse the baby with everything we eat. This is what will start sickness and disease in the family.

Some mothers are very careless. The baby can act as if he wants what mother is eating, and even if it is a beef steak, she will cut him a piece.


We create sickness right in our homes, from the cradle to the grave.


A Muslim, according to the Holy Qur’an, should not fear to eat food that the Jews eat. And the Jews do not fear eating a Muslim’s food, because they both eat the same type of foods.

Orthodox Muslims are very careful of what they eat. The only food we shun that they love are nuts. The Muslims are warned against eating nuts of any kind. And, they are warned against drinking the blood of the animals and fowls, because blood is the fluid of life.

Therefore, no human being should eat or drink the blood of anything. The Jews were warned against this by the teachings of Moses, the Servant of Allah.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,’’ Book One, 1967.)