Of all the thousands and tens of thousands of instruction items on health issued by doctors and scientists regarding the type of food that we should eat, none of them is equal to the way that Allah—in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever—has taught us.

Eating one meal a day, one meal every other day or one meal every three days is a better way to obtain good health and long life than all of the tens of thousands of pamphlets and books authored by doctors, quack doctors and would-be doctors. The divine points out the best way that will produce good health.

We should not stuff our stomachs with food just because we have the food to put in our stomachs three times a day.

Some people are foolish enough to think eating three or four times a day is really the way to obtain good health—but take a second thought of what you are doing. You keep your stomach working all the time trying to digest the surplus food for which your stomach has not even asked.


He, Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person), taught me never to eat when I am not hungry. He taught me to wait until I am fully hungry—then to eat until I am full and not to eat again until I am really hungry. This is common sense.

The pig eats all the time; the chicken eats all the time—as long as you give them food to eat—and their span of life is significantly short.

The dog is greedy, but the hog is greedier. The dog will stop eating when it has eaten enough. If you continue to feed it, it will try to store the food until such time that it is hungry.

Often, you hear people say, “Come on and eat” and one will say, “I am not hungry.” The reply is: “Eat before you get hungry.” This is most unwise. It is inviting sickness and death.

The mucous-forming foods eaten by the people should be replaced with such less mucous-forming foods such as plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Whole wheat bread should be eaten instead of white bread, which is mucous-forming.

Let us try not to eat so much meat— especially animal flesh. No meat is good for good health and longevity. We must stop eating meat gradually, because actually, meat is not by nature a food for human consumption.

Eating one meal once a day or once every two days, with no meals between, gives the body time to rest the digestive machinery after the previous meal—and this gives the blood time to purify itself of the poison from the last meal.

After three days without taking food into the body, the blood is found to be in much better condition.

Let us see if we can gradually stop eating animal flesh and chickens or fowls of any kind.

Eat to live and not to die.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)