Unveiling the Number 19

[Editor’s Note:   This article is reprinted from Volume 30, No. 38 and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent, We appoint for him a devil, so he is his associate.   And surely they hinder them from the (right) path, and they think that they are guided aright.”—Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 36-37

For the last several weeks, I have presented excerpts from my Mother’s Day address delivered in Long Beach, California on May 8.   I have also quoted passages from my three-part series of the Women in Islam education series, first published in 1982 and again in 1994. I will continue publishing some of this material to the end of this month, inshallah, as we complete our examination of self, in this 30-day trial period that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has appointed for the Nation as a period of purification and a day of decision.   May Allah bless us to endure until the end the trials and tribulations that beset us, seeking Allah’s Grace and Favors, Forgiveness and Mercy into the beginning of a new day.

Left to right: Mother Evelyn Muhammad, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Sis. Khallada Farrakhan, Sis. Karen Farrakhan, Sis. Karriemah Muhammad, Sis. Donna Farrakhan, Sis. Maria Farrakhan, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan and Sis. Betsy Jean Farrakhan. Photo: FCN files

We shall proceed with excerpts from Book III of my series entitled: “The Divine Light,” subtitled:   “The Restrictive Laws of Islam,” pages 17-18”  


One of the important regulations of their moral code was revealed in regard to their wearing apparel in which we read: “O Prophet, tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of believers to let down upon them their overgarments. This is more proper, so that they may be known, and not be given trouble.   And Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 33-59

And in regard to worldly affairs and conduct, we read the following:   “O Prophet, say to thy wives:   If you desire this world’s life and its adornment, come, I will give you a provision and allow you to depart a goodly departing.   And if you desire Allah and His Messenger and the Abode of the Hereafter, then surely Allah has prepared for the doers of good among you a mighty reward.   O wives of the Prophet, whoever of you is guilty of manifestly improper conduct, the chastisement will be doubled for her. And this is easy for Allah.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 33:28-30

We conclude with the following excerpts from the Mother’s Day address on May 8.

Again, let’s look at this word, Mother. Is this Mother’s Day, just today?   Every day is  Mother’s Day.   Every day is Saviours’ Day.   Go back to the theme 2011 Saviours’ Day this year,  the Scientific Analysis of the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.   When we go back to those mysterious hidden documents that they found in Detroit, Michigan, are you familiar with that and the news that reported the findings of these documents and the shock of the hour then, as is the shock of the hour today that they didn’t have any idea how important a role the woman played.

There was a woman, whom I had met who is no longer with us, bless her heart, named Sister Burnsteen Muhammad. This was a great woman.   She was the first secretary to write the secret order, if we could say, of the New World Order.   She was the woman who received   what we call The Lessons from Master Fard Muhammad typed them as they were dictated along with the forms and other Instructions that we study today.  

So if we stay only on the surface of our Teachings, this is what is meant by flat lining. We have to go back to the beginning.   Not just the beginning of how we came to birth, but how the Great Master, came to bring us back into the knowledge of where we originated in the vast creation of the universe and the women played the most important part in giving Birth.

 In that stage of the universe it was called the Womb.   Men don’t have wombs, but the woman has the womb; and so when God was self-creating himself with the elements in the darkness, the atoms, the molecules, all of the things that are naturally created in space, or self-created in space, it was Himself drawing these elements together to create and fashion the first human being who is the God of the universe. We were there in the consciousness of the thinking of God when he was making himself up.   When he says he came out of that dark womb, everything around him he called it she.   The planets are called she. The earth, Mother Earth, that we trample on everyday, so therefore in this period of time, we’re having catastrophic disasters because Mother Earth says this is enough.

The mothers all over the world are saying we’re not going to take it anymore; is that right? We do not have to walk around in a veil. We do not have to ride around and can’t drive a car when emergencies come. We cannot be chattel slaves for the men. We cannot come up without education.   We cannot be subjected to being unprotected; we are not of the old world order of Islam.   The old world order of Islam is following a traditional, cultural trend that we are not apart of. We are our own unique being, our own unique thought produced from God, Himself.

When we leave here today, I want us to see Mother’s Day as a rebaptism, if I can put it that way, into the original waters of the abyss of the heavens and the earth; and know that you don’t just have a short history that says Black history.   We never walk around and say yellow history.   If you say yellow history, people would say what are you talking about? Are you talking about the Chinese history and the Yang Zi River?  

When you go back there to their origin, they’ve forgotten the link from being the Chinese people from the original Black Tribes that lived along the Yang Zi River. Did you know that and I Ching   in the beginning of the metaphysical world and the counting system of the I Ching DNA system was brought to their awareness by our fore parents because we traveled all around the world but we were not just a nation from Africa.

The enemy knows that as long as we identify ourselves as just being from one continent, then we’re not understanding our universal origins and that we are responsible for laying the foundation of civilizations in China, Japan, Oceana and the Pacific.   So everybody gets stuck on their ethnicity, right.   I’m from China.   I’m from Polynesia.   I’m from this place and that place and then all of these are like tribes and clans that try to show that they are better than another one of those groupings of people.   But when we go back to our origin, when we go back to the Indigenous origins, where do they say they came from?   They say that their origin is in the stars. That’s what we’re finding.

 What are the scientists saying? Every element that makes up our DNA, our body, came from a Nova explosion of the stars and that as the stars exploded into space, then those elements became the molecules, become the chromosomes that makeup our blood, that makeup our bones, that makeup our brains, everything.   So we are walking around with cosmic star material.   The ancients knew this so, therefore, they preserved this Knowledge in ceremonies, traditions, where you can go, for example, to Africa being foremost in my mind right this minute, though you can go any place and their history will all be the same, we came from the stars.

“So hold fast to that which has been revealed to thee; surely thou art on the right path.   And surely it is a reminder for thee and thy people, and you will be questioned.   And ask those of Our messengers whom We sent before thee: Did We ever appoint gods to be worshipped besides the Beneficent?”—Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 43-45

To be continued