Biden Congress Holocaust Ceremony

President Biden delivered the keynote message during the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s annual Days of Remembrance commemoration at the U.S. Capitol. He pledged protection and support for Jewish people and continued backing of Israel, which has received billions of dollars and weaponry from the U.S. used to butcher Palestinians.

Mr. President, unfortunately, you again repeated broad and false charges that powerful student protests across the country were rife with anti-Jewish sentiment and assaults. Student organizers and Jewish students protesting against genocide in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say the gatherings aren’t violent and have never targeted Jews.

A Jewish student at the University of North Carolina, told Al Jazeera protests have not been anti-Semitic but he has been targeted for standing for the lives of Palestinians. Students have been abused, arrested, beaten, criminalized, threatened and expelled for standing against evil and calling on their universities and their president to stand against evil too.

Organized efforts by Jewish groups and Zionists to protect Israel at all costs and wipe out dissent have dominated mainstream discussions and produced the climate into which you spoke Mr. President.


Pro-Israel and growing vocal, ugly groups of American flag-waving White students have emerged and are threatening peaceful students. Mr. President, you didn’t mention this when talking about respect for law and limits on the right to protest.

Democracy Now reported May 2 about UCLA where “police in riot gear began dismantling a pro-Palestinian encampment … using flashbang grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas, and arresting dozens of students. The raid came just over a day after pro-Israel counterprotesters armed with sticks, metal rods and fireworks attacked students at the encampment.”

UCLA students said neither LAPD nor campus cops did anything and the Zionists were allowed to rampage peaceful demonstrators for hours. Other conflicts happened at the University of Chicago and Ole Miss.

“The clash occurred after a diverse group of about 30 students protesting against Israel’s war in Gaza were outnumbered by almost entirely white counter-protesters at a ratio of 10 to one, according to the Mississippi Free Press,” reported the UK-based Guardian.

“A video that has since gone viral showed one of the white male counter-protesters jumping up and down and making monkey noises in front of a Black woman with the pro-Palestinian protest group. Other white men then echoed the racist noises, and began chanting: Lock her up!’ ”

Stuart Eizenstat, chair of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, thanked the president May 7 for the “U.S. National Strategy to Counter Anti-Semitism,” and thanked House Republicans and Democrats for passing the disturbing “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.”  

Michelle Goldberg argued against the proposed law in a New York Times commentary. She described the bill as a “dangerous piece of legislation.”

Acquired Through MGN Online on 04/30/2024

“Since 2016, pro-Israel politicians have pushed versions of a bill called the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which would codify, for the purpose of enforcing federal civil rights law in higher education, a definition of antisemitism that includes rejection of Israel as a Jewish state. In the past, civil libertarians were able to head such legislation off, but that’s become harder in the current fevered climate,” she noted.

“The bill relies on a definition of antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in 2016, which lists several examples that could, accounting for ‘overall context,’ constitute antisemitism. Among them are ‘applying double standards to Israel,’ claiming that the country’s existence ‘is a racist endeavor’ or using ‘the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism

(e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis,” she continued. “Even if you agree that all these things are signs of anti-Jewish animus, there are serious First Amendment problems with trying to classify them that way legally.” Her piece was published May 6.

The sentiment expressed by Michelle Goldberg that the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” is a “dangerous piece of legislation,” can also be applied to the White House “U.S. National Strategy to Counter Anti-Semitism,” which provides a legal justification to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of those who are falsely labeled anti-Semites.

Jewish and Zionist groups are pressing you, Mr. President, to tow their line and target their perceived enemies. They see public opinion in support of Israel falling especially among young people. Jonathan Greenblatt, the anti-Black head of the ADL, has described what is happening as a TikTok problem: Young people seeking answers outside of regular media and condemning past wrongs in Palestine that America has backed and bankrolled.

Consider the sentiments of the American people Mr. President before you are goaded into attacking U.S. citizens. We know the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are in the U.S. government’s sights and have been for a long time.

Minister Farrakhan has been slandered, attacked, plotted against, surveilled and defamed. Yet the truth of his words rings true despite the lies, liars, weak-hearted ones, and seekers of nearness to pharaoh.

But the Minister’s words and warnings are divine. If heeded, they could help a great nation that is unraveling before your eyes.

“America is not going to stay in the Middle East. And I have to tell you, Israel won’t remain there either,” warned Min. Farrakhan during a major address Feb. 25 to close out the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit.

Mr. President, he pointed out to you and Mr. Netanyahu the dangerous course you pursue. He warned of the urgent need to stop the blood shedding and laid out how your actions are pushing your respective nations closer to destruction and the world closer to the awful, prophesized war of Armageddon.

Consider this Mr. President: Blacks, a leading group needed for your reelection, don’t want death and destruction rained down on Palestinians. “A majority (68 percent) of Black Americans in our survey favored a U.S. call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

A plurality (46 percent) of respondents strongly supported the United States calling for an immediate ceasefire, while 22 percent somewhat supported the idea,” the Carnegie Endowment for Peace found at the end of 2023.

“In February, leaders in the influential African Methodist Episcopal Church—one of Black America’s oldest religious and civic institutions—called for an end to all financial aid to Israel,” the Carnegie Endowment for Peace said.

There is handwriting on the wall Mr. President. It warns that your kingdom and has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Staying the current course only assures the chastisement of God when warning is mercy—if you heed it in time.