How To Eat To Live

The importance of enjoying good health is obeying the teachings of God (Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises is due forever), and that is eating one meal once every 24 hours (one meal a day).

IT IS NOT SO much eating various kinds of food as it is not eating food of any kind too often. Of course, we know the divinely prohibited flesh of the swine is totally forbidden not only to eat, but we are even forbidden to touch or handle the swine. It is punishable under the law of God to eat the swine.

Many of the readers may think that it is all right with God for them to do as they please about His Laws, but we are punished for willfully disobeying the Laws of God, regardless how little the offense may be or how great it may be.

The Christians have been eating the swine for four thousand years. Now, their punishment is total destruction by fire.


THE White RACE was not made to obey the divine law. They were made to oppose it, therefore following after them and doing what they do is getting you the hell. It is no excuse for you. The average so-called Negro thinks it is all right for him to do evil too. But, we are two different people. The so-called American Negro is a divine member lost from the divine circle, while the slave master, who has been his teacher, is an enemy to God, by nature. This is why the Bible teaches you that hell was created for them the day they were made.

Meat will not prolong our lives—it will cut life short. The White race lives on this type of food, meat animal flesh. The carnivorous beasts and birds who live off of flesh and eat others, have short lives.

VEGETABLES, MILK AND BUTTER are the right foods to eat, when they are pure. But my Dear Brothers, and Sisters do not think that you are getting pure products now from the dairy. Substitutions are added to butter, and much water is added to the milk. So, do not practice the evil things that the White race is doing, as you are following them now. If they pull off their clothes, you will pull off yours. Do not think you have an option of doing divine law, while you do not? A doom is set for the whole race of them and you will share their doom with them, if you follow eating and drinking intoxicating drinks just because you see them doing such things and going nude in the public (women with dresses above their knees and men wearing just trunks in public).

YOU ARE FOLLOWING one of the filthiest things that even an animal wouldn’t follow, by doing such things. White people do this to tempt you to do the same so that you can share hell fire with them.

Eat one meal a day and eat good food.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)