The Old World of mischief-making and bloodshed is now on its way out in order to make room for the new world of Righteousness and Peace.

For the past 6,000 years we have had to live in an evil world that was designed to destroy the peace of man and to shed his blood.

All around the earth, there has not been one section of the world in which the Original Man has been or where he now lives that has not been touched or ruled by the evil of gods of the old world.

The God of Righteousness and peace, today, has Made His Appearance to Take to Himself the Rule of the Nations under the government of Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Equality.


Allah (God) Seeks to separate the evil from the good and the good from the evil. He Declared Himself as Coming to Seek and to Save the Black Man (so-called Negro) from his kidnappers (the White race).

Allah (God) Came to unite and Restore the Black Man again to his Own and Bless Him with the rule of the Nations of earth, as declared by the prophets, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

Fall of Ancient Babylon

In the Fall of Ancient Babylon Jer. 50:46, “At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations.” Here the Bible teaches us and we see today, at the fall of the old world, there is a great noise of war, the fighting of war, the destruction of nations, towns, and cities and the killing of their citizens. There is disagreement and confusion of the heads of nations.

It is a very dreadful time that the populations of the earth are now living in. This is the time of the destruction of a world. It is not to be compared with the destruction of an organization or a few towns as it was in the days of Noah. The destruction today is the destruction of a whole world. The prophets could not have given us a better picture of what we may expect today than the picture of what took place in the fall of ancient Babylon.

The Earth, land, and sea are set in battle array. Every type of deadly weapon is fashioned and is now being used against man and man. See Holy Qur’an Chap. 30:41. There cannot be any peace for man under these conditions.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)