We must remember the god of this world (the devil) cannot be taken as a guide for health and life, because he is not such a guide.

We must remember the Biblical prophecy of a God coming to us, whose aim and purpose is to teach the way of life and the prolongation of life, accomplishing these things through the food that we eat (both physically and mentally) and the set times this food should be taken.

The Bible prophesies of His great work of giving to us longer life and the eternal happiness of life without being troubled with the enemy of life and the enemy’s effect on life.

The god of this world (the devil) had to try to build a world and teach the people something different from what they had been accustomed to. This is why you see so much change in the way of good to the way of evil.


We must bear in mind that the god of this world was made of the essence of weakness, taught wickedness and trained by a wicked-minded god to destroy the life of the righteous and to change the natural religion of the righteous (the very nature of the righteous), so they would not follow the right course, but follow the wrong course.

He introduced the eating of swine flesh, snakes, reptiles, and all kinds of sea fish that can be considered nothing but scavengers of water, as the hog is a scavenger of the earth. Shrimp, crabs, oysters, catfish, eels (water snakes), and many other species of the water; all types of beans, peas, and nuts were not produced by nature for us to try to use as a diet for our delicate stomachs to digest—not to mention the pig.

The enemy of the righteous has gone to the extreme in everything to shorten, waste, and change the way of right. In trying to make a different world and people from the right world of the original people (Black people), he made a hell for us all.

The foods that the God of righteousness prescribes are the best foods. Let us accept our own (the way Master Fard Muhammad—to whom praise is due forever—has taught us).

We cannot charge the White man with his way of life, and we follow it. If the White man eats poisonous foods and eats three or four times a day that is his business. We have now learned to distinguish the poisonous food from the nonpoisonous. Why should we eat poisonous food? We have learned that eating too often causes us to suffer. So, why should we do so?

Eat one meal a day or one meal every other day, and see how much better you will feel.

There are many different kinds of food that the White man has grown and made. Eat the best of the food that will not destroy your health and bring about a short life. Eat one meal a day and one meal every two days and live.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)