Thermy Therm’s Café in association with Cory’s Cakes and So Fresh Smells hosted the Stop the Violence Peace Fest on March 30 in Phoenix. Photos: Abdul Musawwir Nuri Muhammad

by Abdul Musawwir Nuri Muhammad

PHOENIX—Thermy Therm’s Cafe and Unified Fathers and Sons recently hosted the “Stop the Violence Peace Fest” along with local entrepreneurs, including So Fresh Smells and Cory Cakes. The Peacefest was held at The City of Phoenix Peace Park in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 30.

Brother Therman Muhammad, owner of Thermy Therm’s Café, has a long history of service, mentorship, and entrepreneurial leadership in the community.

In 1999, Brother Therman started the “Stop the Violence Peace Fest,” which was inspired by the historic Million Man March called by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he attended in Washington, D.C., in 1995. The goal of the Peace Fest is to foster a peaceful, fun gathering and help raise the consciousness of the community.


Thermy Therm’s Café is one of Bro. Therman and his wife’s, Sister Dorrana’s family ventures used as a vehicle to help them in their mission to help with the resurrection of the people in the community. As parents, they were also determined to instill in their children the values of self-reliance and community development.

Brother Therman Muhammad, 2nd from left, his wife, Sister Dorrana Muhammad, and their sons Joel and Jamil.

“We taught our children how to serve the community through the culinary arts,” said Sis. Dorrana.

Dwayne Bowers is president of Unified Fathers and Sons. During this year’s Peace Fest, he cheerfully helped hand out dinners to pedestrians and many vehicles driving by slowing down to wave and be a part of the event.

UFS’s mission is to strengthen the relationship between fathers and sons. They are dedicated to providing support, guidance, and resources to fathers facing life challenges. “The foundation of a strong father and son relationship is evolved through dedicated quality time,” said Mr. Bowers.

The volunteers from the UFS wore shirts that read, “Failure is Not an Option,” which captured the spirit of Peace Fest volunteers. They had a cheerful and fun-loving spirit as they handed out food and gifts to everyone. The children were especially joyous to receive gifts and enjoyed the tasty treats as they played gleefully in the park in a family-friendly environment.

During the Peace Fest, there was a genuine sense of love and community that was present. The people who walked by were curious about what was taking place at the park.

The staff of Thermy Therm’s Café prepared and served delicious food to attendees. The grill was fired up and the menu board was displayed with items such as smash burgers, fries, bean soup, and delicious Cory’s Cakes. Fifty free meals were prepared, and lively music was played as passersby honked and cheered.

Volunteers set up for the annual Peace Fest at The City of Phoenix Peace Park.