How To Eat To Live

There is no question. If we eat right, we live. If we eat the wrong foods, it shortens our lives.

Some of us actually wish that we could live a thousand years, but be happy if you scale a hundred. The fact about it is you will not want to live too long (into the thousands of years). You will have nothing to attract you. You will have probably learned everything on the earth, and will have no place to go for attraction. Since you are on the earth, you cannot live elsewhere.

One meal a day and nothing between that one meal will get you a longer life, that is if you eat the proper food. We make ourselves sick. Do not think that sickness is something that just comes by itself, regardless to how we live. It is the way we live that makes us sick. I have experienced these things. If we do not eat the right foods to live, and do not eat it at the time that we should eat it, and eat before it is time; we will not live long.

Stay away from poison foods, such as pig (swine flesh). Do not eat it. Do not even touch its carcass. No swine flesh eater shall see the Hereafter; for in the Hereafter, there will be no pigs on the earth. They will be killed off. The swine was not made for Black People. It was made only for the White race. And, the White race teaches everybody to eat it, because it is a Divinely prohibited flesh; and they break all the Laws of God, because they are not supposed to obey the Laws of God. They have their own law, because they are the gods of this world. If they would follow and obey the Law of our God, they would be Muslims like us.


Eat one meal a day, and do not try to eat everything edible in that one meal. There is enough good food for you and me, for us to never eat other than good food. Eat to live.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)