From left, Jamil Muhammad, Alderman David Moore, Halif Muhammad, Shahid Muslim hold a street sign honoring the late Munir Muhammad in front of C.R.O.E. headquarters in

CHICAGO—On a brisk Sunday afternoon, a modest-sized crowd gathered at the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad (C.R.O.E.) in Chicago to honor the late Munir Muhammad, one of the organization’s co-founders.

Located at 2435 W. 71st Street, now C.R.O.E. members, supporters, and the community can proudly state that the organization is located on 71st Street and Munir Muhammad Way.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out today honoring the vision Brother Munir had in 1976, to ensure that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s name and accomplishments would be remembered,” Sister Aminah Muhammad, wife of Brother Munir, told those gathered at the ceremony.

“I am also thankful to the city of Chicago, Alderman [David] Moore, and all of the city councilmen for making sure that they approved this honorable sign for a man who loved the city of Chicago, loved the politicians of Chicago, loved the members of C.R.O.E., and loved Black people, and loved the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


As a helpmate to my husband, I am going to continue his legacy as much as I can, to make sure that my husband’s name, accomplishments, and ideas are remembered.” Brother Munir passed away in 2019.

Bro. Munir Muhammad

Before the unveiling of the street sign in honor of Brother Munir, supporters heard words of admiration and acknowledgment about the co-founder who was pivotal in the development of C.R.O.E.

“In 1976, Munir, myself, and our son went on a road trip and visited the mosques on the East Coast. He wanted to travel the East Coast the way that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did. We saw Muslims who were confused just as we were because the man who had saved our lives had been taken away from us, and we were lost.

Munir wanted to have an archive to remember the name, accomplishments, and ideas of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said it would not be a mosque or a temple, I want the people to come and hear the truth about The Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” continued Sister Aminah Muhammad.

Brother Khalil Shabazz is a member of C.R.O.E. and expressed his gratitude for the organization and Brother Munir. “With the grace of Brother Munir and the co-founders, who had put their minds together, they had decided to create an organization that came from an idea.

This organization has saved my life, at one point I was living unrighteous. Once I started coming here and started helping, my life changed for the better by resurrecting me.”

The other two co-founders of C.R.O.E. are Brother Halif Muhammad, the biological brother of Brother Munir, and Brother Shahid Muslim.

“Today is a special day as we recognize the work of my father, Munir Muhammad, co-founder of C.R.O.E.,” said his son Brother Jamil Muhammad. “I thank everyone for being here. My father was someone whose commitment was unwavering.

Whatever you wanted to achieve, and you had an idea, he worked with you to help bring that into fruition or to help you to discover your own talent.

He’s the only person that I know whose will sometimes was stronger than yours, and he could will something into existence for you. That’s a very rare attribute. My father departed July 9, 2019.

Allah [God] blessed him to depart right after our July 4 annual celebration commemorating the Coming of Master Fard Muhammad, and it was a joyous occasion for him. His passing was a blow not to only us here at C.R.O.E. but to this entire community,” stated Brother Jamil Muhammad.

Brother Munir’s daughter, Dr. Aginah Muhammad, said that it was heartwarming that the Chicago City Council voted unanimously to change a street name to Munir Muhammad Way.

“My father has made a lasting impact not only on this city but across the country and across the world with his tireless efforts to keep the name and accomplishments of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad alive with the establishment of C.R.O.E.,” she said.

“I am thankful and grateful that Allah blessed me to have a father like Munir Muhammad who touched lives of so many people.”

Bro. Halif Muhammad stated, “I think it’s a worthwhile thing to do like name a street Munir Muhammad Way. I cannot think of a more fitting person to name the street after, I am honored and pleased of all the support.”

Yaminah Sharif of Fort Washington, Maryland, stated, the street naming was beautiful and wonderful. “I always considered Munir as a little brother. We grew up together in Birmingham, Alabama. C.R.O.E. provides information that we all need, I became a member of the Nation of Islam over 50 years ago.”