Editor’s note:  The following article contains an edited distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 37 of his 58-week Lecture Series “The Time and What Must Be Done.”]

Did you know that there is such a thing as a “Law of Use” and a “Law of Abuse?” According to law, “use” as a term in real property law of common law countries amounts to: “a recognition of the duty of a person, to whom property has been conveyed for certain purposes, to carry out those purposes.”

I have mentioned in prior broadcasts that when Allah (God) gives you something, you must use it in the way that God has given it, and intended for it to be used! Because the misuse of a gift brings “The Law of Abuse” into play; and “The Law of Abuse” means that you lose what you had by abusing it, or not properly using it.

The present stewards of our planet, and its people, have abused “The Law of Use”—and poisoned the earth, the air, the water, the food supply. Even the people are toxic: These evil scientists that put fluoride, sodium fluoride into Prozac; and then tell you of its “side effects,” that if you take it, some of the side effects are that you might become suicidal: How many medicines that we are taking are like this?


So, if chemistry can produce suicidal thoughts: Are there also chemicals that can be put in the water, and the food, not only to sterilize and reduce the ability of the human being to reproduce, but is there chemistry that can produce thoughts that makes one think that they are feminine in the biological body of a man, or masculine in the biological body a woman?

That we would begin to think that “there is a woman inside of me,” trying to get out to be itself; or, there’s “a man inside of a female,” trying to get out—to answer the call to be “a man”? Could it be that we are victims of wicked chemistry, and the deliberate misuse of it? I believe this is true.

We are under the scourge of biological weapons; we are under the scourge of chemical weapons, and, we are slowly dying—and dying with the loss of ability to reproduce ourselves.

We need our own masters of chemistry and biology. That’s why we’re asking our students in the South, the HBCUs in Alabama, in Georgia, in Mississippi, in Louisiana and Texas: The 18th Anniversary of The Million Man March will be in that great little city of Tuskegee, where we are going to celebrate the greatness of that city, and the city of that institution!

And we are inviting all of the students to come; and, we’re going to have a conference on the subjects that we must learn that are being offered in these institutions!

Don’t go to college just to get a degree to put it on your wall, and say, “See mommy! I finished college! I have a degree”—but there’s no use for it! We have a world to build! And we have a people to save! And if we’re being killed through chemistry and biology, shouldn’t we become masters of chemistry and biology?

Don’t we have people who are masters of chemistry and biology? Of course we do. We cannot continue to allow our enemies to vaccinate us and our children! They make it “the law”—and it is the law, in some places, that we can’t go to school unless we allow them to vaccinate us!

But why should we trust you to vaccinate us and our children? Our children are all we have: Should we put our children in the hands of those who have used chemistry and biology, and vaccinations, to lessen our power to reproduce, and to kill us off?

No. We must develop the scientists that will examine whatever you offer us, because we know you as a bloodshedder, we know you as a liar, we know you as a deceiver and a murderer! So why would we trust you with our precious gift, our children? In the 1960s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad advised his followers not to take the polio vaccine.

He said some of the early vaccines we could take; but now that this Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200 on depopulation is the policy of our government, then we have to be careful of what injections we allow ourselves to take!

Did you know that there are different flu vaccine shots? According to one of our researchers, he went to the doctor, and she recommended a flu shot; and he refused, saying that he didn’t want a flu shot due to the excessive mercury and other additives used as preservatives. And she told him:

“Oh! We have a flu shot that is a non-preservative, that does not have any additives that we give to Jewish people, and those who are knowledgeable about the chemical additives in these vaccines …” Wow… However, the general population does not have this knowledge to make this choice.

Our Native American brothers and sisters respected this land, and they protected it, but they didn’t make full use of it. So Allah (God) allowed the Caucasian to take it from them by The Law of Use. And “By The Time”—and What Must Be Done—“surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good. And enjoin one another to truth, and enjoin one another to patience.” So “goodness” will allow us to stay on the land!

Proper use of all of the gifts that God has given to us is a part of “being good.” Proper use of the gifts of the animals that God gives us is a part of our ability not to suffer loss. But once we engage in the abuse of what God has given, then He has the right to take it what He has given us from us, and give it to another who will bring in that which that land was supposed to reward us with as its steward, if it were properly tended to, or cultivated, or used properly.