Sisters enjoy themselves at the 37th Annual Founder’s Day event at C.R.O.E. headquarters held March 10. From left, Sis. Marta Omarr, Sis. Aminah Muhammad, wife of Bro. Munir and Sis. Olivia Muhammad.

CHICAGO—The Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad, commonly known as C.R.O.E., located at 2435 W. 71st Street, held its 37th Annual Founders’ Day event and dinner on March 10.

Elected officials and business owners participated to show their support and appreciation for C.R.O.E. and its commitment to the community.

Founded in 1987 by Brother Munir Muhammad, Brother Halif Muhammad and Brother Shahid Muslim, the Chicago-based organization is an archival library and information center dedicated to preserving the name, ideas and accomplishments of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. C.R.O.E. houses an extensive collection of radio broadcasts, films, Muhammad Speaks newspapers and other memorabilia. Its headquarters also houses a television studio and broadcasts several shows throughout the week.

Bro. Munir Muhammad passed away in 2019. Bro. Jamil Muhammad is the son of the late Munir Muhammad. “In the early days of Founders’ Day, the event was mostly comprised of C.R.O.E. members. However, over the years it has expanded so much more based on our relationship and people have come to understand the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s value, but may not necessarily be Muslim,” he said.


“C.R.O.E. is a coalition of people with different religious backgrounds who are seeking understanding,” Bro. Jamil Muhammad said. “We know that all of our people are Muslim by nature, and they may not know it.”

Bro. Halif Muhammad, co-founder of C.R.O.E., spoke on the significance of the organization.

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Elected officials, business owners and community members participated to show their support and appreciation for C.R.O.E. and its commitment to the community. Activist Afrika Porter, far right, and entrepreneur Imani Muhammad, third from left, join Bro. Mandene Muhammad, second from right and other guests. Photos: Haroon Rajaee

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s name was being written out of history, so that played a big part with starting C.R.O.E. There were and are people that steal his ideas but do not give him credit,” he said. “We were relentless in our pursuit of going around the country speaking with Muslims and gathering pictures, newspapers, and just collecting all relevant information regarding the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. My brother, Munir, would not allow anybody not to know who the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was, no matter whether they was interested or not.”

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From left, C.R.O.E. co-founder Bro. Halif Muhammad, Nation of Islam Student National Protocol Director Abdul Rauf Muhammad and C.R.O.E. co-founder Bro. Shahid Muslim

Many shared their perspectives and appreciation during the program.

Bro. Jamil Muhammad stated, “At this event, we bring everyone together, it’s our one signature fundraiser event for the year, where we have the opportunity to remind people, of not only what we do but why we do it.”

“So many people sometimes tend to forget the legacy of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and it is wonderful for us to have the opportunity to remind them that the solutions that worked yesterday, can still work today if we only look at that blueprint and apply,” he continued.

Community member Bro. Christopher Williams said, “This is my second visit here, I am an electrical contractor solar developer. I am interested to see how I can get Muslim brothers involved in solar energy. I am all about self-improvement and the fact that Elijah Muhammad had ‘How to Eat to Live,’ and now I’m preaching and teaching to everyone I know that we need to use that same sun to grow our food, to harvest energy and be self-independent of the energy systems right now.”

Bro. Antonio Johnson, 25, a community member, stated, “This is my first time attending one of these events and I am soaking up all this history, it’s amazing. Prior to attending this event, I have never heard of the Nation of Islam, so I have learned a little bit at this event.”

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Sis. Sajdah Wendy Muhammad and Bro. Mandene Muhammad

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Sister Sajdah Wendy Muhammad stated, “I have been excited about coming to Founders’ Day every year to honor the great work of Brother Munir and his co-founders. Brothers Jamil, Mandene, and Shahid Muslim have been great partners to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad House and Sajdah House. Since the idea, they came in and they have been very encouraging and we have been working on putting together a partnership to continue sharing the legacy of uplifting the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”

Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor of the 20th Ward, stated, “I am excited to be here today at this event; it is always refreshing to be in a space where I can be a proud Black woman, where I learn who I am and what I mean to this world.”

Sis. Aminah Muhammad is the wife of the late Munir Muhammad. “On March 24, we will be unveiling the street name, ‘Munir Muhammad’s Way,’ across the street from C.R.O.E. archive, so I am inviting everyone out to participate in this grand event.”

Bro. Mandene T. Muhammad is also a longtime member of CROE. “I have been a member of C.R.O.E. since I was 17 years old; I will be 51 soon. We have C.R.O.E. Media which is a vehicle that allows us to amplify the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and we have expanded to C.R.O.E. Radio, where the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his students can be heard 24/7.” For more information, visit

(Shawntell Muhammad can be contacted at [email protected].)