Now the rise of America’s once slave into the knowledge of self, in the spirit of Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (the son of Man), the Author of the Resurrection of us the mentally dead is causing untold confusion among the heads of state.

The scripture is being fulfilled wherein it prophesies that in these days (meaning the end of the wicked world of Satan), rulers are against rulers—kings against kings. In the days of the prophets, there were no heads of government who were given the name president. Rulers were referred to as rulers and as kings of the people.

The prediction of the prophets, who wrote our future before we lived is now coming to pass. The slaves (or a foolish people, as they are referred to by Moses) are vexing the slave master. Today, as these prophecies are now being fulfilled, we are not surprised at the truth God gave to us through the mouths of His prophets coming to pass, as it was prophesied.

The master must give up his slave and the slave must give up his master, regardless of his desire to remain with his master. It is the purpose of God, Himself to separate the two so that He can give the slave justice and equal chance for survival, as the slave master has been exercising power over the slave.


America is being torn to pieces politically as Pharaoh’s political party was in the days when Jehovah went after the freedom of Israel.

Egypt was plagued with droughts, great hailstorms, rain, and fire, according to the Psalms, running side-by-side (fire and water). These plagues now are visiting America from Almighty Allah (God).

Our people, who have no knowledge of the Book and scriptures, can make grave errors in trying to continue with the old world of the Black man’s enslavers and enslavement.

There are many of our people—especially among yesterday’s leadership—who desire to lead the shackled slave into more secure shackles for the sake of the master and for the fear of the master’s dislike of the leadership.

Fall of America

This is found among the spiritual leaders more than among the political leaders of Black America, which makes manifest to you that the spiritual leadership fears not the God of truth and justice, but fears the enemy of God (God is the author of freedom, justice and equality of man).

We must have unity with the Black Nation of the earth, of which you and I are members, and who are leaving in search of us, since now having the knowledge that we were bound in the chains of slavery in the Western Hemisphere of our earth. We cannot come forth, making the steps of freedom towards a free people, until the shackles have been cut to allow our steps to be made freely.

It is written so plainly in the last book of the Bible that the fearful and the unbelieving leadership and their followers of the enemy (the beast)—and the scripture does not try to hide giving the slave master one of the worst names, as he is like a savage beast against the Black man of America and the world (people of God)—shall go down with the beast in a lake of fire.

Our unity with God, Who has already appeared among us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, will set us in heaven while we live and on this earth, our national home.

(Reprinted from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)