[Editor’s note: The following article contains the third installment of excerpts from the Saviours’ Day keynote address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at Huntington Place in Detroit, Michigan, “What Does Allah The Great Mahdi and The Great Messiah Have To Say About The War In The Middle East?”]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

God wanted me to say to Netanyahu: You talk about the Amalekites [‘Remember what Amalek did to you’ (in a statement he made to the citizens of Israel on October 28, 2023)].  …  You talk about what the Amalekites did to the Children of Israel [to defend your own acts of genocide on the Palestinian people]. 

The command that God brought down against Amalek and the Amalekites is a command that, when you read it, you ask yourself: “God, how could You say this?  How could You command this?”  But Allah (God) commanded that every man, every woman, every child, every donkey, every camel—every thing that lives should be killed. 


That’s pretty rough.  I was in California one day, and I was talking to my brother, Smokey Robinson.  Smokey was taking Bible classes, and he came up on that scripture where God tells Saul to “Tell your soldiers: Kill every man, every woman, every child, every sheep, every donkey, every camel—don’t leave nothing standing!”  And Saul told his soldiers, “Okay, we’re going to get the Amalekites.”

Well, some of the soldiers saw a little “booty” [the spoils of war].  …  Sometimes you just can’t pass [that] up; when you, as a soldier, seeing the riches of somebody else that you are defeating, you want to get it because you don’t have anything; so since you’re killing men, women and children, why not take [the spoils of war]? 

And in every war, women, to the losing party, becomes the spoils of a war to the winners.  So, the soldiers went in and they killed the men, they killed the women, they killed the children.  But they said, “Wow, man …”—I could hear the Negro in them coming out—“I’m going to snatch me up some of this!” and they took booty. 

When the prophet Samuel talked to Saul, he said, “What are you doing?” and Saul came up with this excuse: “You see, it’s like this: We fought, we sacrificed, we died, so the least we could do is take a little gold, take a little something; take a few sisters …”  Saul thought he was “covered” by being sacrificial. 

And Prophet Samuel told him, “The greatest sacrifice you can make is when you give up your thoughts to accept the will of God.”  So, Saul got busted, and they found another king for Israel.  It was David because David was willing to sacrifice everything for a cause bigger than himself. 

I am saying to all of us:  You want good things out of life, and you deserve it!  But when it comes to sacrifice—for the future of your children, for the future of your family, for the future of your people—there is nothing too good, so your life is the last precious thing you have.  I am not angry with the Palestinians who strap bombs on themselves, because they are sacrificing the only thing left for them:

It’s their lives!  And they were giving Israel hell.  But!  The sacrifice of life is written in The Qur’an: “My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for Allah, The Lord of the worlds.”  That’s our Pledge to Allah!  And we say it in our prayers all the time—but you don’t know when God is going to call you on your word! 

My life belongs to Allah, so He didn’t want me to come out here today with any trepidation over what He showed me of Netanyahu, who schemed; knew they were going to die, and went through with it.  Because “the greater good” he was thinking of was what’s in Gaza right now: Billions of dollars of oil and gas is under the foot of the Palestinians, and they want it for themselves! 

Here, in America, the White people that saw value in the land of the native people that had wealth under that land, they gave them the permission (“Okay, you go there”), because they didn’t think there was any value!  But when they found out there was value, they killed those native people to get the value. 

And that’s what they’re doing now to the Palestinians, because they want to build a great canal, bigger than the Suez Canal, because there are billions and billions of dollars of oil and gas in Gaza, and the waters around Gaza. So, they use the Amalekites as a justification for killing the Palestinians. 

Well, just a minute, Mr. Netanyahu.  The Palestinians didn’t bother you.  You were in Europe, and your own White brothers, the pope of Rome, looked the other way when the Jews were being slaughtered.  Well then, none of them were Palestinians!  So, you deserve reparations not in Palestine, you deserve it in Germany.  So, you’re going to have to think about returning to Europe, because you’re not going to stay in the Middle East. You are not going to stay there.

Mr. Netanyahu, I watched you; I studied you, with the Guidance of God, and the plan that you had with Hamas: To let them do what they did.  Because that would be your ticket to justify removing them from all of Gaza; then from the West Bank, then from East Jerusalem.  And that’s why Netanyahu is going to continue fighting.  There won’t be any truce or peace … 

But Mr. Netanyahu, I warn you, in The Name of Allah.  We warn you.  These words were given to Belshazzar, the one that succeeded Nebuchadnezzar: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN” (“YOUR KINGDOM HAS BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE; IT HAS BEEN NUMBERED”).  And it’s getting to the end of “Israel.” 

In photo on page 20, U.S. President Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, greet each other. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan rebuked both men during his Saviours’ Day 2024 address. In photo above, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan references words that came up on the wall of Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel, as a warning to Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. Photos: Monica Morgan

I know it’s rough; I know… I know, beloved, I know.  I saw a beautiful Jewish boy on television, Tal Mitnick, and I asked Allah to burn his image into my mind; because that Jewish boy was 18 years old, and he refused to go into the IDF.  He told his mother, “I will not pick up a gun to be a part of the slaughter that will bring back on us a slaughter!”  A young18-year-old Jewish boy!  And that Jewish boy represents Jews who are righteous people!

“What??  Farrakhan, this don’t sound like you!”  You better get acquainted with me. 

Mr. Netanyahu: There is a revolt against him now in Israel, and he may not be elected as prime minister in the future.  I am saying this to him now …  Because you are not going to live to see the vision that you have for Israel, to “conquer the whole Middle East,” and you will be “the great [leader].”  No, no, no. You can pack that desire away, because you will never see what you envision.  And you’re trying to beat the Palestinians up to put fear in the minds of the Muslims.

A warning to the Muslims who fear the enemies of Allah

How many of you have been to Dubai?  How many of you have been to Doha in Qatar?  Well, I have; me and my brother Akbar, we have been all over the world.  Riyadh looks like something out of a dream; there is no wealth like that in Europe.  These are Muslim cities and towns. 

When I was in Mecca about five years ago, they showed me around to what they are planning in 2030: A mosque in Mecca that will hold 30 million people. And they were telling me and us about it, showing us.  I want to see you do that…  But you will never do it.  If you want to see it, to keep Israel from bombing you, then you are afraid to stand up for the Palestinians; so, it’s the Houthi, that don’t have nothing, that are the brave soldiers in the Middle East.  That’s not right!

I have to say these things today.  And the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad threatened me, in a nice, sweet way …  Somebody saw “a belt”:The Messenger had the belt, and he popped it, and made a sound, as if to tell me (something); and then he said, “Tell him, ‘Don’t play with me!’”  Now hey, I ain’t playing! 

I’m not one of them that want to play with God.  But he wants me to stand up as though I have a belt, and pop the belt in front of those who are afraid of the enemies of God, so you go along to get along, and you sacrifice yourself, and you belittle yourself, and you become a little cheap whore.

What good is money and Allah is kicking your butt?  What good is having a nice home and you’re so sick that death is at the door?  You’ll give anything and everything to replace the desire for the money and the wealth with health, and the promise of a longer life.  Don’t be afraid of those that control these little temporary things that make you feel good if you got some.  Don’t do that!  See, because these little temporary things, that’s not the real joy of God; that’s not the real promise of God. 

‘Diminishing the lives of others,’ what God hates about Israel

The words that came up on the wall of Belshazzar: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN.” Nobody could read the writing that was on the wall, so Daniel was around, and Daniel said, “Well, I’ll help you with that.  It says, ‘God has numbered your kingdom and finished it’.”  That’s what “MENE MENE” means.  “TEKEL” means “You have been weighed in the balance and you’ve been found wanting.”

Somebody has to say it!  God chose me to tell the enemy, “You’re not going to live too long.  Get yourself right.”  I’m under a threat right now, not from man, from God: “Tell them what I am telling you.”  And He told me to say this part, with strength: “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN,” “YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE!  YOUR KINGDOM IS NUMBERED, AND FINISHED!”

Mr. Netanyahu sees a kingdom in his mind.  But it’s not for you to have the reality of what you wish for.  So, if you lose the election, and you might very well because the people are kind of angry with you!  And Belshazzar, they call him your “son”; because you’ve got some people right there with you that think just like you, they’re members of your war cabinet—they want Hamas liquidated, obliterated.  And that’s the process that’s going on. 

So, the kingdom is going to be divided and given to the Medes and the Persians …  But the Palestinians are going to have their own.  The Palestinians are going to have their own.  Your great suffering, I watched you: You keep your prayers going.  You haven’t become angry with God.  And I see them with no food, and raising their hands to the sky, “Have mercy on us!” 

But why would God do that, allow that?  See, the enemy must be exposed!  So in the Bible, it tells you: “That day shall not come except there be a falling away first and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” 

I didn’t know that that was going to be my mission in life, to make Satan known; to pull the cover off of him!  I didn’t know that …  But I am not doing it out of hate.  Because Satan had a job to do, and he is doing his job.  He has a right to tempt us.  And God is not going to be angry with him if we fail the test.  So, when Jesus said, “You are truly my disciples, but if you remain faithful to my teachings, you will, you’ll make it.”  It’s not my teaching, it’s the teaching that God revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and invincible truth that belongs to each and every one of you!

So, in our lawsuit, remember I told you earlier that I was trying to raise $75,000 forty-two years ago for The Nation; and The Saviour told the sister, “Tell him $75,000 is no money, it’s going to take billions”?  In the case that we have before the courts, when you are claiming something happened to you, you have to ask for something.  The lowest you can ask for is $75,000—what I asked for forty-two years ago.  But He said it would be in the billions to raise a Nation…  So the court case is four billion eight hundred million dollars ($4.8 billion). 

Of course, they don’t want to pay that!  They say, “Oh, this case is frivolous!”  But if you look at the documents that we have laid down in the court (https://noi.org/noivadl) …  See, you’ve got to study the case!  Some of my friends that, you know, they love me, but they say, “Yeah, alright Farrakhan.”  Or, “Oh, he’s such a sweet person, that guy Farrakhan—but I ain’t goin’ near him.”  Don’t run from me.  My teacher wants you to know that he is backed by The Power of The Universe Itself.  You can’t defeat him…  Allah-u-Akbar. 

Israel is in bad condition right now with God.  And He showed me in the night what He hated about Israel.  Who gives you the right to take your life and make your life valuable, and diminish the value of the lives of others?  It is kind of stupid for any of us to think of our lives in terms of real value; and as you maximize the value of your life, you minimize the value of the lives of the people that you walk by every day.  Don’t ever think that your life is more valuable than the lives of the people that God has chosen to be His own people. 

No, no, no!  Every human being has value.  And the value of every human being is what God has put within them when He made them after His own image and likeness.  So, as they were minimizing Palestinian life, in the night He was showing me: “With every life that they take, that they have diminished, they have diminished the value of their lives in My Sight.”

In The Qur’an, when God made a man, He told the angels, “Bow down to him.”  The Qur’an says, “They all obeyed, but Iblis.”  So, look at what God said to Iblis: “Why did not you bow when it is I Who commanded you to bow?”  And Iblis had an answer; he said, “Because I am better than him.  You made me of fire while you made him of dust.”  So, Cain becomes Iblis, Cain becomes Satan, because he thought himself more valuable than his brother when his offering was not respected by God. 

Some of you walk around today with poison in your breasts because you see people with things that you believe you should have, and you wonder, “Why do they have it and I don’t have it?  Why?  I am better than they!  Why does she drive that kind of car?  Why does he have this kind of house?”  STOP IT!  You have value!  But you devalue yourself by being envious of somebody who has what you feel belongs to you.

So, Netanyahu is a devalued human being.  A great man, but he’s lost his value in the eyesight of God.  So, he is under an obligation, now, to his vision of “Israel” becoming the power in the Middle East, because he’s got the military might to make it happen.  … When I looked in the corner of his eyes, there was, at that time, some humanity;

Because he was toasting, and he had a tear in his eye for the innocent Jews that would be sacrificed on October the 7th, that he, then, could take absolute control of all of Gaza, all of the West Bank, all of Easter Jerusalem, and there would not be one Palestinian left. 

However, there is a saying that Palestinians have: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Audience listens attentively to the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as he delivers his Saviours’ Day 2024 keynote address, titled, “What Does Allah The Great Mahdi and The Great Messiah Have To Say About The War In The Middle East?” at The Huntington Place in Detroit. Photo: Tim 6X

‘Vote for God’: Don’t put your hope in phony, fake, lying Biden, Trump

Now, I’m going to conclude this with our president, Mr. Biden.  Because he has veto power in the United Nations, but he won’t use it; that maybe the General Assembly and the Security Council can put into focus some punishment on Israel for the crime of genocide. 

But I have to tell you, the United Nations is powerless.  And I’ll say it here, from this podium: The United Nations is finished.  It’s not that they don’t mean well, but they can’t do well by the way they have structured it—with the big powers having a veto, and they can veto any expression of the General Assembly or the Security Council. 

Because, they are human beings, but they fear Israel.  António Guterres, the head of the Security Council: When Hamas struck, he said they struck, “but it was not in a vacuum.”  He knew from the beginning Arabs lost their land, and they took it from them, and they do not intend to give it back.

I come before you today representing a God, The God of Justice, The God of Peace, and The God Who is The Truth.  If He rules against you, Israel, your days are numbered, and your time is limited.  And Belshazzar, or whoever that is that will replace you when you are no longer the prime minister, he is going down, too.  Because he thinks like you!

Now to the case that’s in court.  They are listening to me, and they heard what I am saying …  Which they could throw the case out, because my words are so inflammatory.  But the wealth of the whole world belongs to Allah, and He will give it to whom He pleases!  So as long as we are pleasing to God, do not fear what men can do, fear what God can do and is doing as we speak!

The war in the Middle East will get very, very bloody.  Not because I said so.  But then again …  I am not trying to be no “smart fella” that can get beat down easily by God, no.  But Moses had a person by his side called Aaron; and Aaron had a rod, too.  And the first great plagues that was brought on Egypt came from the rod of Aaron.  (Just a hint, you know?)

Mr. Biden, you really should be ashamed of yourself with that kind of power that you have, and nearly 80 million people voted for you to represent them, and you go bend your knees to that man in Israel and make him think he’s bigger than what he is.  That’s your fault!  And you’ve really disgraced America and disgraced yourself, and the 80 million that voted for you, when you let a man over there, that you sponsored, that you’ve been taking care of—that you, Mr. Netanyahu, were deposited in Arab land!  It’s like you were put there “on deposit.” 

Mr. Netanyahu, you think you can deliver the Middle East!  No, no, no!  You won’t deliver anything.  He wants me to say this to you. 

And to you, Mr. Biden: He wants you to know that this man that you refuse as your friend, to stand up to him and use your friendship and your power to make him do better—but, you just go along with him; and every time you tell my sister to throw the veto, many, many more Palestinians die: Well, you’re going to have to pay for that.

To all of you who have signed the Geneva Convention on Genocide, you have to stand, because it’s them today; it’s the Ukrainians, it’s others under powerful rulers.  But The God that I represent?  Oh, He wants you to know that He is come to set all the rulers down.  He has come to take over the rule of America, of the world, as only God should do.  So, when you say

“Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Your name,” the next words are: “Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Now, you’re facing The Kingdom.  See, make The Lord your shepherd!  Don’t take these phony, fake people, and put your hope in them! 

And I’m going to say to Mr. Trump:  You’re a great man, but you lie a lot.  And in the church, we are taught that the devil is a liar.  How can we trust liars to rule over us?  What are they telling us?!  So, I guess I have to say that all liars will be set down; because Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden can find anything in this universe that falsehood created. 

So, who are you that we should spend our time running around trying to get people to vote for a liar?  And you know he’s a liar!  Well, every one of us have lied sometime in this life, haven’t we?  Well, alright, I’ll throw my hand up.  But to be a liar: See, that’s, that’s your language, Mr. Trump.  (“What language do you speak?” “Oh, I speak the language of lies!”)  Do you think I’m here making mockery? 

Oh hell no!  No liar can produce the kingdom of God!  No liar can create anything of value!  And their promise is as false as the lies that they tell.  So go on and vote for who you want to, but if I were you, I would vote for God.  If I were you, and I am you, I’d vote for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The God that he represents.