Muslim men perform salat during prayer service.

DETROIT—Jumu’ah (Friday congregational prayer) service at this year’s Saviours’ Day convention was an important message to the Muslim ummah (community) to release its collective “God power,” for spiritual advancement. Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was the khatib (speaker) during the service.

During his message, Student Min. Ishmael, a son of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told the standing room only crowd that packed the Grand Ballroom, in Detroit’s Huntington Center these times are not for “weak people.” “These are not times for cowardly people. And if you are a coward, you’re in the right place to discover your manhood in the Nation of Islam!” he said.

He quoted from a February 2024 letter written by Minister Farrakhan who warned that these are one of the most troubled times in the history of America and Nation of Islam.” In the letter, published in the Special Saviours’ Day edition of The Final Call newspaper, the Minister said the enemy does not want the N.O.I. nor “our people” to be successful.

“Hold fast to your faith and hold tightly to the plow of Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And remember these words, ‘We are fighting for Islam, and we will surely Win with our Saviour Allah, the Universal King. We are united with our Nation and called by His Name so let us Rise Ye Muslims and Fight for Your Own,’” read Student Min. Ishmael from the letter.  


He explained “We (as Muslims) are commanded to never be the aggressor, but to fight with those who fight with us.” Again, referencing the Minister’s weighty words, Student Min. Ishmael told the congregants that Muslims commit our lives to a cause that is greater than us. He said, “We’ll never be the aggressor because Allah (God) does not love aggression. But we are commanded by God to fight with those who fight with us in His Name.”  

“The Minister said when you have love for a knowledge of and a faith in Allah God that’s the beginning of your release of power,” he said. 

Participants listen to message during jumu’ah service.

Student Min. Ishamel shared the biblical story of David slaying Goliath. He said Goliath had weapons of war in his possession but to fight this adversary all that David had was five smooth stones. He added that David had something else, he had faith and trust. “David believed in and David loved Allah,” he said. 

“And although he picked up five stones, he only needed one. That stone represented the pillar of our faith that there is but one God who is Allah the Supreme Being, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad,” said Student Min. Ishamel Muhammad.  

 “And if we—the Minister said—put our complete trust and belief in the one God it sets you apart to release the power that Allah God has already put in all of us.” 

The whole world together finds it difficult to “crush” Farrakhan. “Do you know why?” he said. “The scripture teaches greater than He that is in me that is in the world.” He explained, “Suppose we let Allah get into us and we become a united power in God? Then you won’t need to reach for a weapon.” 

We are forbidden as Muslims to carry weapons. Why? You reach for a carnal weapon represents your lack of faith in the God who is the power,  Student Min. Ishmael Muhammad said.