Muslims performing pilgrimage at the Kabah in Saudi Arabia.

Why do I stress the religion of Islam for my people, the so-called American Negroes.

First, and most important, Islam is actually our religion by nature. It is the religion of Allah (God), not a European organized White man’s religion.

Second, it is the original, the only religion of Allah (God) and His prophets. It is the only religion that will save the lives of my people and give them divine protection against our enemies.

Third, it dignifies the Black man and gives us the desire to be clean internally and externally and for the first time to have a sense of dignity.


Fourth, it removes fear and makes one fearless. It educates us to the knowledge of God and the devil, which is so necessary for my people.

Fifth, it makes us to know and love one another as never before.

Sixth, it destroys superstition and removes the veil of falsehood. It heals both physical and spiritual ills by teaching what to eat, when to eat, what to think, and how to act.

Seventh, it is the only religion that has the divine power to unite us and save us from the destruction of the War of Armageddon, which is now. It is also the only religion in which the believer is really divinely protected. It is the only religion that will survive the Great Holy war, or the final war between Allah (God) and the devil.

Islam will put the Black man of America on top of the civilization. So, why not Islam? Some people say, “Why so much religion?” It is very necessary for me to teach the knowledge of that which is the only key to the hereafter for his brother. I will say here that this alone is salvation to you and me, just learning to love each other as brothers. Islam, unlike Christianity, is doing this right in your midst.

Regardless as to how long and how hard you try to be a good Christian, you never have a sincere true love for your own Black Brother and sister as you should. Islam will give you true brothers and sisters the world over. This is what you need.

A people subjected to all kinds of injustice need to join Islam. You are sure of Allah’s (God) help in Islam. Why don’t the preachers of my people preach Islam? If they would, overnight they would be on top.

Are you too proud to submit to Allah and sit in heaven while you live and have His protection against your open enemy? Take it or leave it. You will soon wish you had taken Islam. God is drying America up by degrees. The time is at hand, and hell is kindling up. Islam is the right way.

(Republished from “Message To The Blackman” 1965.)