[Editor’s Note: This is a reprint and was published online December 22, 2003; and The Final Call will continue to publish articles by our beloved brother and friend, Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

“My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad continued in “Our Saviour Has Arrived:” “This is why we can be divided so easily against each other. It is because the devils soon see that none wants to follow the other.

“Look how they are reaching out at what I am teaching, placing it on their ‘coat lapels’ and in their books, and mixing it up with their own corrupted ideas; just to be called leaders. “


In “The Fall of America,” he wrote: “The Black man who hears the teachings of Islam feels proud that he has been taught something that he has wished for all of his life. But the average Black man that hears does not accept it as he should. He accepts it in such a way that he can be criticized and mocked, for he wants to take a piece of it, as he has done in the past, and he runs away with it claiming that he knows this.

“He will try to set up something of his own from a few words of it. This throws the Black man behind. They do this through envy, jealousy, and proudness on the part of the person. This is the way the Black man of America is divided. The devil knows that the Black man is proud and envious. The White man helps him to be this way so that the Black man will never get any place towards self … .” [Emphasis mine.]

There was no need for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to go into the details of every aspect of the courses of study he was given by his Teacher. However, it’s clear that it was comprehensive beyond what we might think. Moreover, it was ongoing, right up until the time of his departure.

It included the Bible; the Qur’an; the time and what must be done to save us and even to offer America a way out of her dilemma; a thorough knowledge of the human body; the use of the powers of the mind; all forms of life on earth; the solar system and the life on other planets; and many things about the universe. He was taught much about what he called the Mother Plane and her 1,500 baby planes. He was taught of things to come into the billions and more years from now.

He was taught in such a way, and he studied in such a way, that his understanding of his learning was thoroughly integrated, with none of it impractical.

From my personal experience, there was no subject about which he was ignorant. He knew how things were connected or related to each other–even from the farthest star to our life here on Earth. He said one day that his learning from Allah was so deep that he knew how to demonstrate from a blade of grass out in your backyard that Master Fard Muhammad was/is God.

He said to us that he was taught by Allah how the very laws of the universe and of the nature of the Earth–its plant, animal and insect life–gives us “the key to the understanding of the way of life intended by God for you and me.”

He said that what he was teaching us was in preparation for that wisdom Allah promised to reveal at a certain time. That’s the wisdom that none has ever seen, heard or even imagined, that was not to be revealed until now.

A part of the overall course of study the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was given by Master Fard Muhammad was that which he did not study until his Teacher had departed. He gave him a list of 104 books. He would later begin to read them, or the parts he was to read, when he began to live in Washington, D.C.

He said that most of them were on aspects of Muhammad’s history and Islam. More on the practical value of even knowing this “tit-bit” when we come to Minister Farrakhan and those 104 books later.

Some think they know some of the titles or even have read them. I have been asked if I had read or knew their titles. My answer is always “no.”

A few writers have written that Master Fard Muhammad made use of a few books while He was in Detroit and Chicago. Some exaggerate the extent of His use of these books, however. They didn’t know His identity or what He was doing. I mentioned one of them in “This Is The One.”

If I had read even one of those books, it was coincidental and not because I knew it was one of those books.

There were specific reasons for his Teacher giving him that combination of materials to study. Among those reasons were that He was teaching him more of himself, others, and that which was to come, beyond what He taught him before He departed.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that one day, while in the Congressional Library, he opened one of the 104 books and was shocked to see a drawing or sketch of himself. Stunned, he instantly closed the book.

Earlier today, I called Minister Joel Muhammad (who lives here in Phoenix) and I asked him if the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had ever mentioned this incident to him. I asked him because I wanted to know if my Brother had something he could add that I could share with the readers of this article.

Minister Joel said exactly what I covered above. We both laughed over how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of that experience. I am sure there are others to whom he said this and more to, on this subject of these books.

I have watched some speak with vanity over what they think they know of those books–even to saying they own one or more. This is a world full of proud arrogant boasters. Allah hates them. They will have no place in His kingdom.

We have all we can to accomplish our own assignment. We are not going to be judged by our knowledge of a book, with the likeness of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in it. If we waste time in vain searches, the events of this time may catch up with us and we will not be prepared to get a passing grade on our own assignment.

On the leave of Master Fard Muhammad, His servant said that He began to emphasize specific things he could expect to come to pass. And, He went deeper into what he should do to try and make us qualified to escape the doom of this evil world. He was taught how to reform us and make us acceptable to the Islamic people.

Tomorrow, Minister Farrakhan is to speak on the subject: What Is Islam? I hope we all will have made the time to really study that speech as deep as we can. Be it the will of Allah, this article will appear in The Final Call around mid-December.

As I was writing this article, I thought over what I had heard Minister Farrakhan say that he heard from his teacher on the 104 books. I wanted a statement from him, so I called him.

His statement, his identity, your ministry and the end of envy–next issue, Allah willing.