Would you like to have a healthier and more joyful life?  Did you know there were eight great tips that the man of God gave us several years ago that will help us have a healthier and happier existence? We covered the first four steps in part I (see The Final Call, Vol. 43 No. 19). Here are the last four preventative guidelines. Please review and consider putting into practice these wonderful preventative tips in your life.

Yes, it is a torchlight for America, but this is excellent guidance for us all. To review Minister Farrakhan’s “preventive care guidelines,” see pages 145-148 of “A Torchlight for America,” and consider ordering the book at store.finalcall.com. (Note: The Minister’s words are in quotation marks at the beginning of each numbered item below).

5. “Fifth, get rid of your addictions.  That is drugs, alcohol, smoking, and extra-marital sex.  In Islam, the religion of submission to the will of God, fasting is prescribed as a way to cleanse the body, but also as a means of fortifying the will. … So try fasting as a way to build your will so that you can rid yourself of addictions before your addictions rid the Earth of you.” (147). 

I am currently working on reducing the sugar in my diet. Sugar is very addictive, high in calories and weakens the immune system.  I feel a lot better when I am not consuming sugary drinks and food daily.  My energy and spirit are wonderful, and I am a lot “sweeter” when I am “sugar-free.”  (Smile.)


6. “Sixth, get proper rest and relaxation.  Allow your body time to recuperate from the emotional stress and physical exertion of the day, and to re-energize itself to meet the challenges of the next day.  Relax yourself by breaking your daily routine with some joyful activity that frees your mind of life’s stresses and strains.” (147). 

What are some ways to relax?  Instead of getting on Facebook or gossiping on the phone, try painting or reading a good book in the sun, which leads to the next suggestion that the Minister gives which is to get some sun.

7. “Seventh, you should spend a little time in the sun and communing with nature.  Too much sun is not good for you.  But limited exposure to the sun is good for the body…it emits vitamin-filled rays that are absorbed through the skin, helping the body to defend itself against disease.” (148). I enjoy taking walks during my lunch break or sitting on my deck in the sun.  It is a wonderful feeling to have the sun gently warm your spirit and help you obtain Vitamin D.

8. “Eighth, and finally, you should make sure that you and your family get regular dental and physical checkups. …You may feel that these simple guidelines for healthful living are too restricting and don’t leave you free to enjoy life” (148).  Think how restricting life would be if we had a life-threatening disease that we could have prevented. The Minister has said that “there’s nothing more powerful than a made-up mind.”  So, make up your mind to get healthier and happier today. We can do it!

May Allah bless us all with peace, health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Dr. Audrey Muhammad is an educator, aerobics instructor, and author of “Get Fit to Live: Be Your Best You!” Contact her at [email protected] and for more information, visit www.virtuetodaymag. com. Please consult a physician before beginning any new exerciseor dietary program.