[Editor’s note:  The following article contains edited excerpts from New York’s Power 105.1 FM “The Breakfast Club” interview with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan which took place at the Bayside Conference Room of the Marriott LaGuardia Airport Hotel on Thursday, June 4, 2015.]

Forty years ago, I was overseas in Africa.  I came back to America, and I read in the newspapers that they said, “We should not put money into the inner cities, because the inner cities are ready to explode.”  All of a sudden, the factories in the inner cities began to close; the government reached trade agreements, and factories left America, went to Third World countries where the labor market is cheap. 

So when the jobs closed down in the inner cities, the Black man, who is unskilled labor, is left in the lurch.  Now all of a sudden, drugs come in:  We become involved in crime as the only way to make a living when you don’t know how to make a job for yourself. 

Paul said, “We war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.”  This “social engineering” didn’t come from little White people; this “social engineering” came from the very top of the socio-economic ladder. 


[President Ronald] Reagan was a great anti-Communist human being; and when the Sandinistas rose in Nicaragua, Reagan did not want that area to become socialist or communist.  He went to Congress, asked Congress to back him to fight against the rise of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua; Congress turned him down. 

So Reagan went to King Fahd in Saudi Arabia and got $10 million; but that wasn’t enough, so the C.I.A., under Bush—George H.W. Bush:  They brought drugs (through people like our brother “Freeway” Rick Ross) into America, and crack cocaine was developed. 

Any time Black people become conscious, drugs are entered into the equation.  Because the church can’t hold young people anymore; education can’t hold them anymore, “so let’s make them drug addicts” and then biological and chemical weapons.  “AIDS”:  Where did that come from, that our women are the “No. 1” purveyors of AIDS virus?  That’s not an accident!

We are living in the very Valley of The Shadow of Death!  If somebody doesn’t rise up to tell the truth, and marshal the forces for justice, then we’re going to be like this when your young girls become women.

Having a baby today is a disaster, because the minute the baby is born, now they want to take the child from you and give it an injection—some kind of “vaccination,” or some kind of chemical. 

Robert Kennedy Jr. was at my home a week or so ago, and Bobby Kennedy Jr. was representing a man (Dr. William Thompson) in the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) who “blew the whistle” that the CDC was responsible for developing a vaccine that is genetically prepared, or concocted, to affect Black males.* [Please refer to Simpson University biochemist Dr. Brian Hooker’s research on Translational Neurodegeneration (2014) at http://www.translationalneurodegeneration.com/content/3/1/16.]

This is the Bible: “Kill the male, spare the female”—and it’s going on right now.  They’ll take your baby; they’re sneaking in the ward where the baby is born, if the parents are not looking, to take the babies and inject them.  What are they injecting them with?  According to Bobby Kennedy, and the research, and scientists, they are injecting them with vaccines that are high in mercury.  And this mercury starts eating at the cells of the brain. 

They realize their world is finished!  There’s no more “White Supremacy” ruling—that’s over!  We are awakening now:  You’re going to have to compete with awakened Black men and women, awakened Brown men and women, awakened Red men and women, and awakened poor White people!  You are not going to play the game over the masses of the people anymore.  And that’s why Zbigniew Brzezinski said, “it is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.” 

They’ve lost control; but they’re killing through food, vaccines …  I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a vaccine. But you shouldn’t be stupid and think that the same man that gave the Indians smallpox through blankets, that that same man has your interest at heart when he says “we have a vaccine for you.”  You better wake up, and look up!

I’m saying Bobby Kennedy can’t get support because the pharmaceuticals have bought off Congress.  Did you hear me?  He can’t get a congressman, a senator, to bring him before Congress and subpoena the whistle blower from [the] CDC, because the pharmaceuticals have bought off the Congress. He said the pharmaceuticals have bought off the media.  I said, “Well, what about Black preachers?”—

since it’s directed against Black males—what “what are we doing?”  “I’m sorry.  They are not responding either,” Mr. Kennedy said.  Some of us have been paid off by the pharmaceutical companies.  I said, “Well what about the Congressional Black Caucus?”  He said, “I’m sure they would like to help, but they are weak.”  He said that’s why he showed up at my door.

Am I the only man who doesn’t fear death, to speak truth to power?  Don’t I have strong brothers and sisters out there who will stand with me?  I’m prepared to go alone, because if God is with me, I’m still the winner—it’s just me and God!  It’s a shame that we are so corrupt, so in love with money that we will sell out the future of our people for a dollar bill.  What are you going to do when the dollar crashes?  That’s on the way!  …