Yesterday you could not find Me. I was so wrapped in the mist that people were trampling on me and they didn’t know that I was down there in the mud. All praise is due to Allah. Allah Is all of us. But we have a Supreme One that we can throw this name “Holy” upon. He Is Allah, The One over all of us; The Most Supreme One, the Wisest One, the Mightiest One; The One that Sees and Hears that which we can’t see and hear. That Is He. He Is rooted in all of us. Every righteous person is a god. We are all God. When we say “Allah” we mean every righteous person. Allah teaches me that He is a man–not something that is other than man. The Holy Qur’an refers to Him in such pronouns as “He” and as “We” and as “Us.”

There are so many of us who are ready to argue and dispute about the God. If you don’t believe that he is a man, then bring me the one that you represent.

You say, “I don’t believe in God being a man.” What do you believe in? Show me what you believe in. I can show you my God. Show me yours. On the Day of Resurrection, the Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach us that we will be brought face to face with The True God; the evil and the Good One. This is going on today, my friends. If I preach to you that the White race is the devil, then where is the Good God? If this is the evil god, then where is the Good One?

If you tell me that he doesn’t have any form, then I say how in the world can you prove to me that you are making me acquainted with a God? How can I see nothing? Some enemies of the True God, the Visible God, have deceived you and are making you think that there is no such thing as a visible god.


I want to say to you, my friends, if you don’t have one that is visible–see Allah the visible way!

The Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach you and me that on this day there is a man whom God Chose for His Last Messenger. Whom have you benefited by other than a man? Do you sit down and pray to the space in the sky to drop you down some wheat? You may look up that way, but the wheat comes out from under your feet. You don’t plant wheat in the sky. You plant it in the earth and it comes up out of the earth. And the Holy Qur’an teaches us that we have root in the earth.

Everything that breathes is Allah’s. Out of it (the earth) comes our bread and meat and out of it comes us. We come out of the earth. We don’t drop down out of space. But all of us come up out of the earth. If we are born from some man and woman, they came from the earth. The very sperm that makes a human being appears out of water and out of the vegetation of the earth–it didn’t drop out of space.

I want to teach you who you are. So many people have been made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of God. Why are they made deaf and dumb to the knowledge of God? Because they are blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. How can they know God? But Allah Is here and Has Risen up in your midst by the Power and Wisdom of the Supreme Who is a Man to teach you the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God and the Devil.

Some people don’t want you to teach them who the devil is because they love the devil. They don’t want to bear with me that this is the devil. But the Holy Qur’an teaches you and me and the Bible also. They don’t want it translated into their language, but nevertheless they didn’t get all of this out of our knowledge. They are visible people; they are not invisible people. They are visible and on the Last Day these true people will be made manifest to you and me. The devil will be made manifest to us as he is. The Holy Qur’an teaches that he is an open enemy. He is not something concealed; he is not something invisible. But he is a visible being.

Your Lord Is One Lord. If He were a spirit He couldn’t be one spirit because there are many spirits. Can you believe that your God Is something that is not visible, but yet He has great interest in man’s affairs? Who other than a man will care about your affairs? Take, for instance, the wild beasts–they don’t care anything about you or me…except to try and stay out of our way! Now here is something standing out here with no form at all…and on the Day of Resurrection we will see Him, but nevertheless He still will be invisible; He will be a spirit!

We should get away from that. We used to not believe that man could go to the moon. But if he goes to the moon, that shows you that he is god and not the moon and the flying apparatus that he made and went up there on. No one came down from the moon and taught him how to get up there; He was god enough in himself to fix up a machine that would take him to the moon. It was not an invisible god that taught him how to measure the distance. It was a visible God that taught him mathematics.

You may ask me, “Well why did we not know all of this?” Because you were under an enemy of yours who wanted to make you ignorant so he could move you and me. That is why you are in such condition that you are now, because he actually made you like this.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)