There are a lot of readers of this book who have many different thoughts and conceptions of this book.

THE MAIN ROOT of this book is to stop you from eating two or three times a day which will prolong your life. It takes several hours for the proteins and the vitamins in the meal we eat today to be digested and distributed throughout our bodies.

Allah, through the mouths of the Prophets prophesied that when He Comes, He would give us more life–an abundancy of life.

The Book does not teach you how He will extend our lives; how He will make our lives worth living; and how we will rejoice in our lives.


Now, He (Allah) Has Come and He is teaching me to teach you how to live. How to live is to go after that which is essential for us to put in our body as foods which gives life and maintain life in the body.

He (Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever), Has taught me how to teach you the best way to extend our lives and that is through the right kind of foods and drinks.

This does not mean we have to eat every herb of the earth; every cattle of the earth, every bird that flies, every domestic fowl, or every piece of fruit that a fruit tree or vine is bearing (as some people think like that). Just a simple food will keep you and me living a long time, if that simple food is good and we eat it only once a day (once every 24 hours).

SOME WEAK people think that they cannot eat once every 24 hours, but our stomach looks to our brain for guidance and looks to our brain to be the “boss” of what it should take in. The stomach does not think for itself. The brain thinks for the stomach.

Allah has given to us and has taught that way of life that is good for us. We can accept it or we can reject it. There are some people who claim that they like the way but they will go ahead and eat that which is not good for them to eat. Then, they get in trouble and they write me and say that they eat once a day but they are sick: they cannot take it. But, do I not know that they are not eating rightly as I teach them that God taught me and that they are not going through 24 hours, eating only one meal? Do they not know that I know they are not carrying out the instructions as they should. If you get sick, go and fast for three days. This helps kill the poison in your stomach that came from what you ate. Once every year, we have accumulated enough poison from eating one meal a day to make us sick one day. I SAY AGAIN, our stomach is not the boss. The brain is the boss. Eat one meal a day and eat good food and do not eat Divinely prohibited food. This is the Word of Allah and His Teachings to prolong our lives.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live, Book Two, 1972.)