Where does peace come from? How much is in our control? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan described a simple way to get peace in the introductory letter for Study Guide No. 14, “Respect for Authority.” He stated: “Peace with Allah (God) is gained through submission to His Will.

Peace with Self is gained through obedience to the knowledge and truth that we know, for it has authority over us, and if we recognize the sovereignty of truth above all and submit to its authority, peace comes to Self with Self.”

Think about that, “peace comes to Self with Self.” How? When we are obedient. Over 30 years ago in 1993, Minister Farrakhan wrote, “A Torchlight for America,” a monumental book that gives guidance on education, relationships, and the economy of America.  It also gave a list of some of the best tips for health and fitness that I have ever seen. Before self-care was a buzz word, the Minister was reminding us of wonderful ways to stay healthy.

Would you like to have a healthier and more joyful life?  Did you know there were eight great tips that a man of God gave us several years ago that will absolutely help us have a healthier and happier existence. 


Please review and consider putting into practice these wonderful preventative guidelines. Most of the tips on eating are based on the books “How to Eat to Live,” by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which explains how eating the pig/pork “destroys the beauty of the body’s appearance.”

In his “preventive care guidelines,” Minister Farrakhan gives eight steps on pages 145-148 of “Torchlight for America.”  (Note:  His words are in quotation marks at the beginning of each numbered item below).

  1. “First, you must pray.  You must let the Author of all existence into your life … it’s prayer that feeds and strengthens your desire, and desire feeds the will.” We often pray for the car or house we want, but do we pray for the healthy body we desire. Or do we see it as a ‘lost cause’ or ‘this is just the way I am.’ God will help give us the determination. Allah (God) says in Surah 40-60, “Pray to me, I will answer you.” 
  2. “Second, you must imbue yourself with knowledge. You need knowledge. You must not take pride in what you think you already know.”  Along with reading new books and magazines on fitness, I am re-reading “How to Eat to Live,” Book I.  I am finding so many “jewels” of wisdom and guidance that I didn’t recognize before. The knowledge of foods is a wonderful motivator to eat or stop eating a certain food.
  3. “Third, strive to eat to live instead of eating inordinately and improperly in an attempt to deal with stress or to entertain yourself.” One book I read years ago; the author described overeating as “an act of violence” upon yourself.  Wow! … think about that … stuffing yourself … making yourself so full, you are uncomfortable and even in PAIN.  That’s deep.  Treat yourself and your body with care.
  4. “Fourth, we must exercise … At a minimum, walking a few miles each day is one of the best forms of exercise.” Walking is an easy, low impact exercise that anyone can do almost anywhere.  It is also a wonderful mood uplifter and stress reducer along with dancing, aerobics, swimming, and other forms of exercise.

Correction: In my last article, there was a word missing from the quote from “How to Eat to Live,” book. The actual quote by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on how to always be happy was: “Believe in Him, obey and follow His teachings, and you will always be happy (“How to Eat to Live,” Book One, p. 76-77).

Allah willing, we will review the last four preventative guidelines in “Torchlight for America,” in the next article.

May Allah bless us all with peace, health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Dr. Audrey Muhammad is an educator, aerobics instructor, and author of “Get Fit to Live: Be Your Best You!” Contact her at [email protected] and for more information, visit www.virtuetodaymag.com. Please consult a physician before beginning any new exercise or dietary program.