[Section Editor’s Note: The following article contains excerpts from a distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 36 of his 58-week Lecture Series, “The Time and What Must Be Done.” To view it in its entirety, visit media.noi.org.]

Why should Sodium Fluoride be used, or sent, to a cosmetic firm? Now, that made me think; when you make cosmetics, and some of these are perfumes, cologne: Why would you put P. Diddy on a fragrance? Or Beyoncé on a fragrance? Beyoncé and P. Diddy have lines of fragrances; Madonna has fragrances, others have fragrances who are popular, who are famous, who are loved. But what is in the chemistry?

P. Diddy is not a “chemist”! Beyoncé is not a “chemist’! They are beautiful people being used in a way that if these fragrances have this “fluoride” in it, this Sodium Fluoride, then every time you spray it on yourself, you’re “smelling sweet”—but it’s going into your pores, it’s going into your system!

And, over time, cancer develops in your body! Oh my… So if The Enemy is that clever, that he can make chemicals to make you think you’re eating “chicken,” when in fact it’s chemistry, then what is being put in these fragrances with your favorite Black person, or White person, using the fragrance?


Our popular people: How did we become perfume sellers? How did that happen? Who approached you … Was it Tattaglia? Or Barzini? [reference: A scene in The Godfather movie]. Who approached you? How did you get interested? The Enemy is working 24/7 to cull the population—and he will use all of us to do it. We have to be wise today, and ask for a breakdown in all the chemicals that are being used, particularly when our names are attached to it

So look at the collusion [definition: “secret operation between people in order to do something illegal or underhanded”] now: When they started putting fluoride in the water, they had to sell the American people that “this was going to help your teeth,” while in reality it was helping to make us sterile!

The Black farmers are still in a struggle with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who were ultimately found to have discriminated against Black farmers from 1983 to 1997—14 years; in accessing loans and other needed assistance, they were denied!

If the government is allowing these things to happen to the American people, can the government then be charged with being “the enemy”—and not the servant—of the American people? My God…If you’re doing this to us, why should we fight when you tell us? How can we trust you if you’re killing us through the food, and its policy?

How can we trust what you say—to put our young people in harm’s way?

Why should we pay taxes to a government that is using our tax dollars to implement policies that are killing the American people?

We have to challenge a government like this! Dr. Martin Luther King challenged unjust laws by organizing people—so people have to begin organizing to challenge all these things that are hurting the American people; and culling, and killing, people all over our planet!