Elite 50-Plus members present scholarship to graduating student Berve Muhammad (red bow tie) and his father, National Secretary Sa’ad Muhammad (2nd from right). Photo: Final Call file

The Elite 50-Plus squad of the Nation of Islam is taking applications for its 2024 Lieutenant Khalil Muhammad Memorial Scholarship, a $1,000 award given to a graduating F.O.I. who attends a Muhammad University of Islam or an M.U.I. affiliate.

Lt. Khalil Muhammad

To qualify, the student must complete an application and submit an essay of no more than 400 words explaining the applicant’s life goals/ambitions and how he demonstrates characteristics—work ethic, spirit, etc.—embodied by Lt. Khalil Muhammad.

Complete instructions with additional information will be provided with each application. To obtain an application, please email [email protected] or talk to your local school administrator.

Khalil Muhammad was an entrepreneur whose life epitomized our Nation’s mantra of “do for self!” Applications will be judged not only on academic performance, but also the student’s demonstration of characteristics embodied by Lt. Khalil Muhammad.


The plan to initiate a scholarship was established at the Janazah (funeral) of Lt. Khalil Muhammad when the Elite 50 announced plans for an annual commemoration of Lt. Khalil Muhammad, to which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan decreed that a scholarship be presented annually.

Deadline for applications is March 31. Scholarships will be awarded the week of May 11.

— Elite 50-Plus