From left, Bro. Walter X, Study Group Coordinator William X, Student Minister Abdul Muhammad, Student Minister Verbon Muhammad of Mosque No. 99 in Monroe, La. and Student Secretary Ernist Muhammad pose for a picture. Photo courtesy of Verbon Muhammad

In Chicago, Brother Abdul Muhammad was ousted as a high school principal for doing his job. However, those speaking against his great work of turning around failing schools have not slowed down the perseverance of this Nation of Islam student minister.

A clear showing of his steadfastness was displayed January 19-21 when Bro. Abdul Muhammad visited Northern Louisiana. Bro. Abdul Muhammad, a Louisiana native, accepted an invitation to speak at Homer High School in Homer, Louisiana. The Homer High School football team won the state championship in 2021.

This jolted the spirit for the town of Homer, which is the third poorest town in America. The week of Brother Abdul’s scheduled arrival there were road and school closures due to the winter storm that shut down the town.

Upon Bro. Abdul’s arrival, he was met with the warm spirit of the believers in Homer, Shreveport, and Monroe.


On a Friday, Student Study Group Coordinator William X and Bro. Abdul met with local clergy, NAACP president and the assistant of Mayor Xantha Seals to discuss the plight of our young people in the public school system.

On Saturday, while speaking at a “Flowers While You Live” banquet in Homer, Louisiana, Bro. Abdul told attendees, “I am a Louisiana native,” and “I am not an outsider, this is home!” He continued, “Our young people need ‘real love’ not condemnation!”

The Homer Study Circle awarded Bro. Abdul with an “outstanding educator award,” in recognition of his overachievement in the field of education for over 26 years. “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan embodies how to be steadfast and long suffering under trial and he’s our example,” said Bro. Abdul.

On Sunday morning, Bro. Abdul taught a highly spirited lecture called “Stop The Killing.” After Saviours’ Day 2024 in Detroit, Brother Abdul stated he wants to come back to help the surrounding cities grow and reach our young people. It was truly inspiring to witness how Bro. Abdul has not slowed under personal and professional attacks.

—William X Boyd