Never since the creation of Adam and Eve have there been such chaotic times as we are witnessing today–with the worst yet to come! There is no peace among the nations of the earth.

The only few people who enjoy peace of mind and contentment in this day and time are the elect of God, though they are persecuted from city to city and falsely accused and denied the credit due them because of their righteousness in the midst of the wicked who have ruled the world.

By no means can the righteous be represented for their righteous sake by the evil-doers of the world.

“God is despised and rejected; evil is accepted and honored; justice stands afar off, and equity cannot come in,” says the prophet Isaiah in the Bible.


The Holy Qur’an warns us to fear a day when evil is spread far and wide in the days of God’s presence at the end of the satanic world to bring it to naught.

Allah (God) causes the evil world to be upset since they have been the enemies of peace and the haters and destroyers of the righteous who would have brought them peace if they had accepted those worthy (the Prophets).

But they rejected all; Jesus charged them with being the murderers of the righteous from Abel to Zachariah–we can very well add more, and say from Abel to Muhammad.

Today, America professes to be the most Christianized country on our planet. But actually, she is not; for Christian means to be crystallized into one. Spiritually, that One refers to the Christ.

Christ means the “One Who is coming at the end of the world of the wicked as a crusher.” His name actually means “One who is anointed to crush the wicked.” The real satanic people are the White race who have disguised themselves to deceive the Black people to follow them. They just use the name, Christian, which means to be Christ-like.

They have set up a head for their religion in Rome, Italy, with the pope, or father, who represents himself as being the intercessor or vicegerent; meaning one who is second only to Christ or God and intercedes for the people’s sins and recognition of God. But he has no Divine backing.

This false regime should be destroyed by the Christ, the Crusher of the wicked, the Great Mahdi of Islam (Allah ‘God’ in Person).

These are the days of God’s or Christ’s presence to destroy this evil world with all the deceptions that the people should again labor under a wicked and merciless ruler, the devil. The presence of Allah has upset the devils who have had and exercise total control over the world under falsehood and have made evil to appear fair-seeming.

The so-called Christian world has never before displayed such madness as they do today. Since they cannot hide their real wickedness and deceitful ways, they are angry.

According to the preaching and teaching of Christianity, they prophesy that they alone would be the happy group that would welcome the Coming of the Messiah, the Christ, or the Mahdi. But the Bible condemns them; that they were angry and sought to hide their faces from Him (God).

It should be clear to you today that Christian America does not want such preaching as entire submission to the will of Allah (Islam). The Christians hate the very names of God, such as Muhammad, Omar, Karriem, Ali, Hassan, which are attributes of God.

The Jesus prophesied that they would hate you for His (God’s) name sake, for having one of His names. Because the names of God are to live forever. No other people on earth have the names of God but the Muslims.

So, the Coming of the Just One makes manifest to you this evil race of sinners. And they will be against His (God’s) Presence; be angered because of Him and will seek to destroy Him and His messenger as it is prophesied (2nd Psalms).

(Excerpt from  “The Fall of America,” 1973.)