[Section Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the book, Closing the Gap: Inner Views of the Heart, Mind and Soul of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, pages 398-399]

Brother Jabril: Brother Minister, earlier I asked you what was the purpose of the point that you made in the last chapter of the book, A Torchlight for America, on the seal; the purpose of mentioning what you did at the very end of the book?

Minister Farrakhan: Well the seal is a very important symbol of the United States of America. There was an awful lot of thought that went into the formation of that symbol by some of the founding fathers and some of those who were the signatories on the Declaration of Independence. So these men knew what they were seeing. They were God-fearing men but their God-fearing mentality did not necessarily include what was in the best interest of the Native Americans or the Blacks that were here as slaves.

 They wanted to give to their posterity in that seal and that symbol that America was formed for White people, by White people, for the benefit of White people, not necessarily for any of the darker people of the world. I know that they did not foresee that America would become a melting pot. I know that they did not foresee that in the year 2006 that the demographers would say that, “By the year 2050 America would be a Brown country rather than all White country.”


 This means then, that those who carry the vision of the founding fathers would either have to alter the original concept of the founding fathers to make it inclusive of all of those that had come to America to become, citizens of America, nominally, but not in fact.

 Now the rulers of this country—the real rulers—would have to decide whether America is going to be pluralistic, inclusive of all those that make up the country, or would they pursue the vision of the founding fathers and become genocidal and destructive to the darker people of this nation.

 It appears as though the rulers have opted for the destruction of the darker people, particularly, the descendants of slaves. So the appropriate vision that went into the seal with Pharaoh with a sword in his hand. Why a sword?

Because Pharaoh in the Red Sea was pursuing the children of Israel with the intent to kill them all “in spite of all that God had shown him through the nine or ten plagues that Egypt had suffered. But his recalcitrance, his rebellion was so intense that he decided that he would not let the children of Israel go, but that he would punish them with death.

 At the same time there’s a chariot overhead that wasn’t present during the time of Ezekiel’s vision. That was not present at the time of the founding fathers. But they saw this wheel-like object in the sky and a beam of light coming out of it on the face of Moses which it signified to me that what was on the wheel had empowered Moses to part the waters for the children of Israel to go through and he also had the same power then, to drown Pharaoh and his army.

 In that seal is a significant warning to the present government and rulers—the ruling powers—of America and the ruling powers of the present world. That should they continue with the sword against the people of God, then the destructive power that is above their head will be brought to bear on them. And as Pharaoh lost both his life; his army and the power of a great nation, so would America lose her life; her power and her authority to rule.

All of that is in the seal.

 I put it in the last chapter of A Torchlight for America to say what the founding fathers saw and what they put in the seal that they may not have fully understood its implications, but God permitted such to be placed there for us to read the seal back to them and give them two signs that they could choose—life or death.

 They could choose to obey God and let the new children of Israel— the Black people of America;—go to become a great nation under the guidance of God. And save themselves and their nation in the process, or they could continue with the sword. But the power that is above them will destroy them completely for carrying that thought into practice.