The subject of this chapter is taken from the Holy Qur’an Chapter 85:5.

We do not hope for peace as long as we add to the war that which serves as fuel to a fire. The fire cannot go out as long as we keep it burning by adding more fuel. A dying, burning fire is increased when more fuel is thrown into it.

There are a lot of people who are so anxious for peace so that they can return to committing that which they lack and love–idling, sport and play.

The world that we live in desires first of all to hide the truth to keep the Black man who is made blind, deaf and dumb by the scientific tricknology of the White race, so that the White race can continue to carry on the same deceiving and wickedness that they have been practicing.


How can we expect peace where the method used to bring about peace is the same method that started the war–instead of finding a right solution and then practicing the right solution?

I say these things for the sake of my own Black people, for they are so ignorant to the knowledge of the truth of the time in which we are living. What they would like to do cannot be done, for the time to even continue to do what you are doing, is up.

We must remember again the prediction of the Bible. It has foretold these times, if we understand the Bible. It most certainly teaches us that there is no peace for the wicked.

There is no people who preach such a thing as peace and as being true followers of the prophet Jesus, as much as the white Christians do. Day and night the air-waves are full of their preaching. To hear them, you would think that they are the prophets Moses and Aaron. As the words of the Jesus put it, “They sat in Moses’ Seat.”

The White Christians are great deceivers. The pope of Rome cannot bring peace to the Christian church, for he is not enjoying peace himself.

So who is that people then that the Bible prophesies of in the Book of Isaiah that “He will extend peace to them like rivers?” Surely it cannot be the present Christian white race for they are the ones who are breaking the peace.

“Fire Fed with Fuel”–leaving your own home and country you go to another man’s home and country to make trouble for that people and then accuse that people of being the trouble-maker. It is the attacker who is guilty of that which follows the attack.

I say to you Black people, you can get away from that old misunderstanding of the time. You are not living in a time in which you may be expecting a settlement of the war that will give you what you have always been used to–sport and play and foolishness.

Actually now is the time that you and I should be wise enough to understand that we should think for self and do for self. If you do not know how to do for self, you should follow the man to whom Allah (God) has given that knowledge to teach you how to do for self.

With the oceans filled with the fleets of the white Christians and the skies clouded with their death-dealing planes over other peoples’ territory could you tell them that they should submit to you for peace? If you are able to force them to their knees or to destroy them, then I say yes. If that was the situation then I would say that they should submit and let you triumph.

But you cannot force them to their knees. They have been preparing for a war like this for nearly a century; or rather I should say, they have been preparing and working faithfully for a half a century to entertain the attacker with the same type of weapon and better weapons than the weapons you are attacking them with. If you resort to worse weapons they have worse weapons also.

So we are in a time when argument to the contrary of peace is like heaping fuel on a fire–it keeps it burning. We are living in an evil time.

I believe, and maybe many hundreds of thousands believe as I do, that the President of the United States of America had good intentions toward the citizens of America when he took over the presidency, but the time is against him.

For the past four thousand years and more Allah (God) has already given the prophecy through the mouth of His prophets of the doom of the wicked. Now is the time and we cannot do anything but take it, and it is dangerous to add fuel to an unwanted fire.


(Excerpt from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)