[Section Editor’s Note: The following article contains an excerpt from a distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 6 of his 58-week Lecture Series “The Time and What Must Be Done.” This message originally aired on Saturday, February 16, 2013. To view in its entirety, visit media.noi.org.]

America: I am not your “enemy.” We are your best friend, because we are warning you of “what is to come”—and how you can save yourself and lessen this distress! In this message, America, I am informing you that there is a lot that you can do better than what you are doing; so, the “watchword” for you right now is “The Principle of Justice.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “Justice is that Great Principle of ‘fair dealing.’” But, America: You’re not “dealing fairly” with the American people. You’re certainly not “dealing fairly” with Black people, or Brown people. You’re not “dealing fairly” with the people of Africa, and the people of the third world; your policy is to cull 2-3 billion people from this Earth—that is not “justice”!

So, this Great Principle of Fair Dealing, “Justice”: It is a Weapon that The God would use in The Judgment of the world! How does “justice” become a “weapon”?


The scripture teaches in the Book of Obadiah, Chapter 1, verse 15: “As thou hast done, so shall it be done unto thee …,” and as Jesus said in the Book of Hosea, Chapter 8, verse 7, that you “sow the wind,” but you “reap the whirlwind”—so all the things that you have done around the planet, they are going to “come back home” to us, here in America.

However, the thing that is more important than your “policies abroad” is this: What are your plans for The People that God, The Black Man and Woman, whom God has chosen to be His Own?

When we look at “The Intervals of Calamities”: They are one behind another. Do you know what it’s all about? It’s not about your “policy” toward the Palestinians or Israel, although that’s important; and I will go deeper into that subject in another broadcast, God Willing.

Nor is it about “birth control” or these kinds of things that you’re putting on the people of the third world to “cull” the populations of—no! It is about your plans for The Black Man and Woman of America, because the more you plan to get rid of us, rather than do justice by us, you’re hastening The Day of your own doom.

I am not “pleased” to have to say these things to you, but, look about you! Look at what is happening to the country! Look at what’s happening to the economy! Look at what’s happening to you as a people! “Justice” is what you have to practice. And if you refuse to practice “justice”—fair dealing with The Children of The Slaves—then the end of your civilization is not only “in sight,” it has entered America!

Just as “The Last Plague of Pharaoh” that God brought to Pharaoh was a plague of death, then I am sorry to tell you: Death has entered America, as well. Famine is on the way, pestilence is on the way, terrific earthquakes are on the way, all because some of “the wise” of you know “The Time,” but you are afraid to let us go.

Keep watching The Weather, The Forces of Nature, for it is Time, now, that the Black Man and Woman in America must be delivered. It is Time, now, that we should be set free. It is Time, now, that you should help us to go for ourselves. It is Time. And if you did it, some of this stress, distress and affliction that you are suffering will come off of you; and then you can work on what you have to do in the world.